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Primary source verification is an essential process when hiring for a professional license, certification, or degree. It can be time-consuming to manually check, as primary source verification requires confirming the information with the issuing institution to ensure accuracy. Employers can save time and simplify the licensing process by utilizing primary source verification software. This technology can automate the process of checking for license validity, renewal dates, and history while making it easier to protect the organizations bottom line.

What is Primary Source Verification?

Primary source verification is a process of confirming that credential and licensing information is accurate by using the issuing organization for confirmation. This type of verification is necessary to protect organizations from potential damages associated with unqualified personnel. Primary source verification is more rigorous than other types of verification, as it requires confirmation from the original source of the license rather than the applicant. This is important for protecting companies? bottom line, as hiring unqualified personnel can be a liability.

Without confirmation from valid sources, there is no guarantee that the license and related credentials mentioned in a job application are accurate. To ensure validity of credentials, employers must contact the issuing authority to confirm that it is current and active along with having no record of violation, conservatorship, or other disciplinary action.

How Does Primary Source Verification Software Work?

Primary source verification software automates the process of validating credentials and protecting organizations from potential liabilities. The software allows employers to check the validity of the license, its renewal date, and its disciplinary history, saving organizations from having to manually contact the issuing institution.

Primary source verification software works by creating an automated workflow system to streamline the process of verifying credentials. The software begins by managing and tracking employee credentials; it then stores the validated data in one place. This software makes it easy to monitor for license expirations, schedule renewal reminders, and check records of violations.

By using automated technology to check for compliance, employers and recruiters can save time and energy?the automated workflow runs in the background while employers focus on other duties. Automating primary source verification reduces overhead associated with manual verification processes.

Benefits of Using Primary Source Verification Software

Using primary source verification software helps companies save time, money, and energy while ensuring compliance.

Time savings: Automating primary source verification prevents redundant, manual processes and manually rechecking individuals? records. Automation eliminates the manual checking process by contacting licensing authorities quickly and accurately, reducing the number of hours spent performing these types of checks.

Cost savings: The cost of manual verification processes can quickly add up, especially for large organizations. Automating primary source verification eliminates the cost associated with manual processes. Additionally, reducing recruitment time means that employers can find qualified personnel faster, thus decreasing time spent searching for applicants.

Protection from liability: Organizations are held responsible for the credentials of their employees. The automated workflow helps employers simplify and streamline the process of credential validation to protect against the risk of hiring unqualified personnel and potential associated liabilities.

Certemy: Automating Primary Source Verification

Certemy is a leader in license verification, with an automated primary source verification system that validates occupational licenses and certifications across your employees quickly and easily. Its real-time tracking feature and automated workflows allow you to manage licenses and certifications with primary source verification, to stay ahead of compliance regulations and to improve staff utilization.

Using Certemy to automate primary source verification helps save time, mitigate risk, and help improve team productivity. Employers can stay on top of their compliance requirements and trust that their employees have up-to-date and valid credentials. It quickly and accurately verifies credentials and ensures that everything is updated and compliant.

Final notions

Primary source of verification is essential for protecting organizations from the risk of liability associated with hiring unqualified personnel. Manually checking for primary sources can be time-consuming and costly. Automating primary source verification with verification software saves time and money while offering more comprehensive protection from risk. Certemy is a leader in the industry, offering an effective primary source verification system to ensure accurate credential validations and compliance.


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