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Streamlining Professional License Verification for Human Resource Operations

Long gone are the days when the Human Resource (HR) department relied on their staff’s expertise and manual processes to validate the credentials and licenses of their employees. With the technological advances and the ever-expanding regulatory landscape, organizations have been exploring various options to streamline and automate their license verification processes. That is where Certemysteps in.

Dark colored barcodes that many of us associate with ID cards are actually called “Linear Barcodes.” It is a machine-readable pattern made with black and white bars of varying widths that represents the data encoded on it. Certemy utilizes this technology to instantly validate licenses, certifications, and credentials allowing HR professionals to make data-driven decisions when it comes to hiring, recruiting, workforce compliance, and more.

Certemy is the industry’s first source for licensure, certification, and credential verification services. It is designed to simplify the complicated process of securing and verifying professional credentials with just a few clicks. It is powered by the latest version of its proprietary Linear Barcode technology, allowing organizations to quickly validate the credentials of their employees across all areas of the United States quickly and with accuracy.

Organizations that choose to use Certemy can forget about manual data entry and time consuming admin tasks, as the tool simplifies and streamlines the entire process of verifying employee credentials. The easy-to-use interface provides quick access to real-time credential information, wherever it is located in the US. It also automates the license application process, sending notifications when any changes occur in employee credentials, and provides assurance that all credentials are properly validated and up-to-date.

By lifting the administrative burden from HR teams, Certemy allows organizations to focus on hiring the most qualified and competent staff members. The licensure and certification records are always kept up to date, meaning HR professionals no longer need to worry about keeping paper-based records or inputting data into their system.

The automated primary source verification system provided by Certemy effortlessly tracks and manages the licensure, certification, and credentials of an organizations workforce and ensures they are not at risk of any disciplinary actions or sanctions. This comprehensive compliance program also grants organizations complete control and visibility of their workforce compliance program with real-time tracking of employee credentials in one unified system.

As businesses and organizations increasingly become aware of the potential hazards of failing to keep employees credentials up-to-date, Certemy is proving itself to be a trust-worthy and time-saving tool that allows HR operations to maximize their productivity and performance through its streamlined professional license verification process.


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