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License Verification for Healthcare Professionals: Automated Primary Source Verification System

In Todays ever-changing and highly-regulated healthcare landscape, It is essential for employers to ensure that all of their healthcare employees hold the appropriate professional license or certification. At its most basic level, this involves ensuring that each employee has the correct license or certification needed to perform their job role. However, this process can become complicated when employers need to manage an evolving roster of healthcare professionals with different credentials from different states.

To ensure full Compliance and mitigate risk, employers may leverage a professional license verification tool such as Certemy. This article provides an overview of how Certemys automated primary source system can be used to manage acute/critical care nursing patient (adult, pediatric, and neonatal) license verification and other credentials.

What is Primary Source Verification?

Primary source verification is the process of validating and verifying the credentials, qualifications, degrees, and other licensure and certification information that healthcare professionals use for their employment opportunities. The process of primary source verification is specifically designed to provide employers, licensing boards, healthcare credentialing organizations, and any other stakeholders with the assurance of authenticity of the credentials being presented and the competency of the applicant.

How Does Certemy Provide Primary Source Verification?

Certemy is an advanced, automated primary source verification tool designed to make license and certification verification quick and easy. It combines data from primary sources such as the National Council of State Board of Nursing, as well as secondary sources (e.g., colleges and universities). The use of multiple sources in combination provides employers with a clearer picture of the credentials of their healthcare employees.

Certemys primary source verification tools are designed to reduce the time, effort, and resources required for healthcare credentialing and credential verification. The system automatically validates the license and certifications of healthcare professionals, ensuring they are active, appropriately renewed, and free of sanctions or other disciplinary action. The system also tracks and manages employee licenses and certifications in a centralized system.

Benefits of Automated Primary Source Verification

There are numerous benefits to using an automated primary source verification system like Certemy. The system can help employers save time, effort, and money in their efforts to hire healthcare professionals with valid and up-to-date licenses and certifications.

Certemys automated primary source system provides employers with complete visibility and control over their workforce compliance program. The system eliminates time-consuming data entry and manual processes to keep all of an organizations license and certification data up-to-date with an automated alert feature that notifies notified when updates or changes occur. This helps ensure that healthcare organizations remain compliant with all regulatory requirements.

In addition, the Certemysystem leverages pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to automate license application processes. This makes it easier for healthcare organizations to ensure that all licenses and certifications are accurate and up-to-date.

In the end

Certemys automated primary source verification system offers healthcare organizations the assurance of accuracy and compliance with all organizational, state and federal regulations. By leveraging pre-built workflows that are fully configurable, healthcare organizations can rest assured that their staff of healthcare professionals are compliant, free of sanctions or punishment, and working with the appropriate licenses and certifications.


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