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Compliance is a critical aspect of every company, and the key to a successful compliance program is validating the credentials and licenses of employees. This is especially true for industries such as healthcare, where licensure and certification is often required for safe and ethical operations. Without primary source verification of employee credentials, organizations leave themselves vulnerable to significant liability and may fail to achieve the desired patient outcomes. Professional License Verification Tools (PLVTs) provide an effective solution to this challenge, delivering automated verification of credentials to streamline operations and reduce the risk of potential malpractice suits.

What Is A Professional License Verification Tool (PLVT)?

A Professional License Verification Tool (PLVT) is a digital platform that helps organizations verify the credentials of their employees. PLVTs provide primary source verification of professional licenses and certifications, such as those for registered nurses and certified nurse midwives. By providing real-time tracking of credentials in one system, the tool can automate the process of keeping track of employee renewals and ensure that all employees are licensed and certified. This saves organizations time and money while mitigating the risk of non-compliance.

The Benefits of Utilizing a PLVT

There are numerous benefits to using a PLVT for compliance program management, including the following.

Automated Tracking

PLVTs provide an automated way to monitor and track employee licenses and certifications, saving organizations the time and effort of manually reviewing documents. This automation reduces the time it takes to onboard employees and keeps organizations up-to-date on renewal dates, relieving the burden of proactive tracking and reducing the chance of a lapse in credentials.

Visible Records

A PLVT provides a single system of record for employee credentials, making it easier to keep records organized and updated. This visibility makes it easy for administrators to audit and ensure compliance, reducing the risk of credentialing-related errors and malpractice suits.


The cost of manual license verification can quickly add up, resulting in thousands of dollars regularly spent on credentialing activities. By automating this process with a PLVT, organizations can save between 25-35% on the cost of manually verifying credentials, eliminating superfluous paperwork and potential late fees associated with manual verification.

Flexible Workflows

PLVTs also provide configurable workflows that can be tailored to a companies specific needs. This added flexibility helps administrators monitor the process of obtaining and maintaining employee credentials, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

Choosing the Right PLVT

When selecting a Professional License Verification Tool, It is important to choose a platform that provides primary source verification of credentials, as this helps ensure the highest quality of compliance. It is also important to select a tool that provides real-time tracking and visibility into your employees? credentials, as this will help ensure that expiration dates and renewals are handled in a timely manner.

The most important thing is to select a tool that best meets the needs of your organization. The right PLVT can save you time and money, ensure your compliance program runs smoothly, and reduce the risk of malpractice suits.



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