License Verification Tool | CMSRN ? Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse

The healthcare industry is one of the most regulated and supervised industry, particularly for medical-surgical registered nurses. To ensure that nurses are adequately trained for the medical demands of the profession, a Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse (CMSRN) license is necessary. As an employer, having an automated and secure platform to verify the license credentials of your health professionals is essential. A professional license verification tool is an invaluable resource for human resource operations, as it allows organizations to easily and cost-effectively initiate a series of automated license or credential checks for their staff. By leveraging a license verification system, organizations can better monitor their staff?s certification status, mitigate the risk of a credential expiring, and save time that would have otherwise been spent manually verifying licenses and credentials.

When evaluating license verification vendors, the most important things for organizations to look for are primary source verification (PSV) capabilities, accessibility, and security. PSV systems provide organizations with access to source documents used to validate a license or certification while ensuring that the papers are updated as necessary. PSV also offers the highest level of assurance of a professional’s qualifications and competency. The system should provide organizations with direct access to licensing boards, state regulators, and other relevant institutions that issue licenses and certifications. This allows organizations to efficiently and effectively monitor their staff?s professional qualifications.

Accessibility is also of importance when evaluating license verification vendors. The ability to access the system on any device, from anywhere, at any time is a great way to ensure that the platform can fit into the organizations current workflow. In addition, intuitive and user-friendly platforms make it easier to search for certifications and licenses, manage memberships and renewals, conduct background checks, and perform verifications ? all from one secure and centralized location.

The last thing to consider when selecting a license verification vendor is the level of security and privacy. As organizations are now required to make sure their clients? data is safeguarded and the security risks are minimized, selecting vendors with sound security protocols is essential. The system should include data encryption, secure access, firewalls, and more. This will ensure that the data stored in the system is not compromised and provide the organization with the assurance that the system is in compliance with all relevant government regulations.

Organizations need to evaluate their staff?s qualifications to ensure they provide quality care that meets the healthcare industry?s standards. A license verification system can aid in this process by quickly and efficiently verifying a nurse?s credentials. These systems offer organizations direct access to primary source documents for license verification, are easy to use and accessible, and provide the highest level of security and privacy.



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