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Professional licensing has become an important factor in any field, and for organizations with a large employee base, managing professional licenses can be difficult. With the last decade of digital transformation, software tools have become available for organizations to manage and validate their professional licensing needs with ease. Certemy is an example of one such tool, providing reliable and comprehensive license Verification services.

Licensing and certification are essential for industries like healthcare, finance, aviation, hospitality, construction, cyber security, and other services that require oversight and regulatory standards. Certemy allows organizations to stay compliant and in-sync with the industry regulations, to ensure they are lowering their risk while still meeting customer and employee needs.

What is Certemy?

Certemy is a cloud-based platform for managing and validating licenses and certifications. It is a user-friendly product that allows organizations to conveniently manage, analyze, and report their license and certification data. Certemy consolidates all of a companies licensure information and eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing the time and resources needed to verify employee certifications and licenses.

Certemy provides primary source verification of employee licenses and certifications, which can be used to validate the information used to hire new employees. This verification includes contact with the licensing or certifying board in real-time to ensure data accuracy. Certemy also provides license tracking services to simplify the management of recertification processes and avoid unnecessary delays and violations.

Benefits of Using Certemy

Using Certemy as a license verification tool can provide a number of benefits for organizations:

Improve Compliance:

Certemy can provide better visibility into employee license requirements, ensuring that organizations remain compliant with industry regulations. Certemy is designed to help organizations meet their compliance program goals by providing automated license tracking and primary-source verification.

Maximize Efficiency:

The platform can be used to streamline license application processes, reducing the manual effort needed to manage and analyze license data. Certemys automated system can help organizations reduce wasted time and resources associated with manual data entry.

Insights and Reports:

Certemys reporting capabilities provide insightful information about employee license and certification data so organizations can more easily identify areas of improvement and plan accordingly.

How Certemy Works

Certemy allows organizations to track and manage employee licenses quickly and easily. The user-friendly platform is designed for self-guided onboarding, with the ability to customize license tracking and communication preferences to fit an organizations standard processes.

Certemy maintains a secure database of employees? license and certification information, which can be used to automate license tracking and verification processes. This data is updated in real-time, helping organizations stay up-to-date with their compliance requirements.

The platform allows managers to conveniently view and analyze employee license data in one self-service portal, providing greater visibility and transparency into license compliance. Certemy also has a variety of features to help organizations track and manage recertification requirements, including pre-built workflows and customizable notifications.

Final considerations

Certemy is a comprehensive license verification and tracking solution for organizations with a large number of employees. The automated platform simplifies the communication and validation of license data, reducing manual effort and data entry while increasing compliance. By leveraging the platform, organizations can stay ahead of regulatory requirements and improve their workflows and staff utilization.


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