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With the evolution of technology and the ease of communication, regulatory Compliance has become even more significant in the professional world. Companies are now responsible for validating employee licenses and certifications to ensure no penalties or violations are overlooked. Certemy, is a platform that allows businesses to verify and track their employees? active licenses and certifications in real-time.

Certemy is the go-to platform for companies looking to validate occupational licenses and certifications, as it offers automated primary source Verification. This verification system ensures all licenses and certifications are accurate and valid in order for employers to meet their regulatory compliance needs. Through Certemy, employers can easily get insight into their entire workforce compliance program.

Getting Started with Certemy

Using Certemy for professional license verification is fairly simple. The starting point is to visit the Certemy platform and create an account. Businesses can use their existing registration or login credentials to create a Certemy account, or register as a new user.

Once the account is created, businesses will be able to add and verify all the licenses and certifications of their employees. Certemy offers a comprehensive dashboard, which helps employers to track, view, and monitor employee information. It also includes automated tracking and compliance alerts, making it easier for employers to stay informed about their employees? status.

Configuring Workflows to Fit Business Processes

The Certemy platform provides pre-built workflows that allow businesses to configure license applications and processes with ease. This makes it easier to manage license validity across their workforce. Businesses can view license terms and conditions, license compliance status, printable documents, and more from the Certemy dashboard.

The platform also offers enforcement capabilities, which allow businesses to manage employee licenses and certifications. This includes issuing warnings, suspending license verifications, and revoking licenses. Employers can also add or change license permissions and restrictions to ensure employees are compliant with regulatory standards.

To summarize

Certemy is the ideal platform for businesses that want to streamline the process of managing professional licenses and certifications. The platform provides comprehensive automation, detailed insights, and compliance alerts to help employers stay up to date on their workforce?s compliance status. By using Certemy, businesses can save time, mitigate risk, and maximize staff utilization in order to remain compliant with regulatory standards.


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