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As the workforce of the United States has become increasingly complex, with employees having multiple licenses and certifications to act in certain professional roles, tracking and verifying that an individual holds these credentials validly and has maintained them without suspensions or other sanctions has become increasingly difficult. Manual license and information checking processes can be expensive, time-consuming, and may fall victim to human errors. Automating the authentication of an individual’s qualifications can provide employers with real-time Verification that employees hold the necessary certifications and are operating properly, without widespread manual labor and checks. In dealing with the complexities of employing personnel while staying compliant with different regulations, companies have begun to turn to solutions such as Certemys professional license verification platform, which helps automate the verification process.

Certemy is an online software application designed to help accurately track, store, review, and verify an individual?s credentials such as professional licenses, certifications, degrees, and membership with relevant state and national organizations or associations. By using automated primary source verification, Certemy maintains full visibility and control over the workforce Compliance program, and facilitates original source verification- all without relying on manual methods or paper processes. This means that employers no longer need to worry about manually requesting, collecting, and reviewing documentation, and can be much more confident that the documents received are valid and up to date.

The platform provides automated license tracking, including real-time primary source verification for licensing boards. It leverages pre-built workflows in order to streamline the user experience, allowing business administrators to quickly setup and maintain users and their respective licenses and certifications. Notifications are sent out to employees when license expirations are coming due or if any other action is needed such as verification or renewal. Through Certemys data dashboard and reporting, employers can quickly access the information they need in order to recruit, onboard, or evaluate their employees? credentials quickly.

Certemy is trusted by some of the largest US employers, and has become the de-facto choice when it comes to tracking and managing occupational licenses, certifications, and credentials. Organizations get complete transparency and trackability into their license/certification history, which makes compliance simpler and less legally risky. It has the added benefit of providing improved user productivity, giving employees access to their records, and the ability to view their license/certification statuses and update them easily.

Certemys comprehensive primary source verification system is, in its own right, a powerful tool that can help companies stay compliant with regulations, as well as increase the efficiency and accuracy of verifying employee credentials. It provides a reliable, efficient, secure, and configurable way for companies to streamline their license/certification management while mitigating legal risk and reducing employee onboarding times.


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