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Managing diabetes requires engaging in a rigorous routine that maintains both health and Compliance interests. To ensure that every designated professional in the diabetes space meets applicable standards, employers should look to adopt professional license Verification tools to streamline the diabetes management workflow.

Professional license verification tools enable organizations to realize the ease and efficiency of real-time, automated processes that meet national compliance standards by streamlining the entire employee and credentialing lifecycle. From the initial employee onboarding process to the ongoing management of their individual credentials, employers benefit from up-to-date transparency and records management capabilities that?s even more secure than manual processes.

Using professional license verification tools provides organizations with the ability to instantly and regularly verify that employees? credentials are up-to-date and accurate across the entire organization. This benefits employers and their diabetes management staff alike, ensuring that the necessary credentials and professional licenses are adequate and properly maintained according to applicable laws and regulations.

What Are Professional License Verification Tools?

Professional license verification tools are software-based or web-based platforms developed to help organizations verify and manage employee records quickly. Such technology uses multiple data sources from government and public agencies to confirm whether a professional license is accurate, current, and compliant with state standards.

Organizations operating in the diabetes management space employ a range of professionals, including Nurses, Dieticians, Medical Technicians, and Phlebotomists who require specific licenses that must always be up-to-date. One way that employers can ensure compliance is to employ a professional license verification system to manage and monitor credentials.

The Benefits of Professional License Verification Tools

Professional license verification tools are a critical component of regulatory and risk mitigation strategies for employers in the diabetes management space. The key advantages of such tools include:

Real-Time Tracking

Notifications related to license renewals or expired qualifications can be set up automatically, allowing organizations to act quickly and ensure that timely updates are in place with minimal disruption.

Total Visibility

Advanced reporting capabilities allow employers to quickly review all records at any given time, in an easily digestible format. This also allows for the identification of any discrepancies or irregularities.

Cost Control

The utilization of professional license verification tools helps organizations save time and money by streamlining the complete credentialing process. Automated processing and tracking helps to reduce overhead costs, while eliminating human error can avert costly compliance fines.

Achieve Total Compliance With Certemy

Certemy is the leader in License Verification, providing an automated primary source verification system that validates occupational licenses and certifications. Organizations benefit from real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials on one secure system of record.

Using Certemys automated license tracking and primary source verification employers enjoy the convenience of improved team productivity and full organizational visibility while staying ahead of compliance. Pre-built workflows are fully configurable and are intuitively designed to automate entire license application processes.

Certemy is trusted by some of the largest US employers to help minimize risk, save time and streamline operations.

The bottomline

Organizations in the diabetes management space benefit greatly from automating their license and credentialing processes. Utilizing professional license verification tools such as Certemys, employers can improve staff utilization while still meeting national compliance standards and staying ahead of regulatory updates.

The key advantages of such technology include: real-time tracking of license renewals or expiry notifications; total visibility and tracking of all records; and significant cost savings. Certemy is the leading License Verification tool, providing a secure system of record for employers to eliminate risk, save time, and improve staff utilization.


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