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When it comes to employee compliance and credentialing, Human Resources professionals have important responsibilities. Keeping track of employee certifications can be one of the most challenging aspects of managing a HR team, as making sure every employees credentials are up to date and valid can be a complex and time-consuming process. However, utilizing professional license verification can help make this process easier and more efficient.

Professional license verification can help HR teams manage certification and credentialing through automated tracking, pre-built workflows, and primary source verification. In this article, we will discuss the key benefits of using professional license verification for HR operations.

Understand the Necessity of License Verification

The first step in understanding the benefits of professional license verification is to understand why it is necessary. In many professions, such as healthcare, a license or certification is important for not only ensuring that the employee has the necessary qualifications to do their job properly, but also for protecting the public from potential harm caused by employees with outdated licenses or insufficient certifications.

When an HR team does not have proper record-keeping of employee licenses and certifications, they can easily find themselves in a situation where employees are performing tasks for which they are not qualified or are out of compliance with their licensure. In many cases, this can lead to serious legal and disciplinary consequences.

Automated Tracking of Employee Licenses

One of the key benefits of professional license verification is that it allows HR teams to automate the process of tracking employee licenses. This helps ensure that employees are always in compliance with their licensure requirements. Automated tracking also ensures that HR teams do not have to manually process data and that they have complete visibility and control of their compliance program.

Primary Source Verification

Another benefit of professional license verification is that it provides primary source verification of employee licenses and certifications. This means that HR teams can trust that the information they are receiving is up to date and accurate, eliminating the risk of any accidental compliance violations.

Primary source verification also serves to help ensure the integrity and validity of employee credentials. This ensures that only qualified individuals are hired and that HR teams are not hiring unqualified personnel, which can help reduce the risks associated with potential litigation.

Pre-Built Workflows

Professional license verification also provides HR teams with pre-built workflows that can be tailored to their specific needs. These workflows can be used to streamline processes from license applications to renewals, and can help ensure that all documentation and paperwork is completely accurate and up to date.

Having pre-built workflows can also help to reduce the errors and discrepancies that can arise in the process of credentialing and tracking employee licenses. By having processes in place that are simple and easy to follow, HR teams can streamline the credentialing process and help make sure that employees are always in compliance with their licensing requirements.

Improve Utilization of Staff

Professional license verification can also help HR teams improve the utilization of their staff. By having automated tracking and primary source verification, HR teams can trust that the information they have regarding employee licensure is up to date and accurate. This can help HR teams make more informed staffing decisions and reduce the risk of legal and safety violations due to improper staffing.

Furthermore, using automated workflows can help to streamline the licensing and credentialing process, making it easier for HR teams to manage large numbers of employees and improve staff utilization across the board.

Improve Visibility and Save Time

Finally, professional license verification can help improve visibility and save time. Having an automated system in place can help HR teams quickly identify any potential issues or discrepancies in employee licensure, as well as track any changes that may have happened over time. This can help to save time and improve the visibility and control of the organizations compliance program.


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