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As organizations grow, they increasingly need to stay atop of workforce Compliance regulations. Maintaining up-to-date licenses of professional staff can be a daunting task. It requires manual maintenance, with time having to be spent on paperwork, record keeping, and staying notified of changes in regulations. A compliance lead running an HR operations team will face the challenge of automating the efforts and consolidating the processes into one system of record. Professional license Verification presents a solution that streamlines this process, allowing HR to better manage staff credentials and improve team productivity.

Gaining Increased Visibility

License verification with professional certification platforms such as Certemy can provide valuable insight to HR operations teams, providing an effective system of record that documents all data from employee license applications. This information is securely stored, allowing easy access and improved visibility within the organization. Automated primary source verification confirms that these licenses and certifications are active and appropriately renewed, with notifications for updates if necessary. Efforts to stay ahead of regulatory compliance are made easier with the automated tracking of license applications and primary source verification.

Integrating Workflows to Optimize Efficiency

Primary source verification serves to easily integrate workflows into existing operations. Pre-built workflows come that are fully configurable, allowing the tracking and maintenance of staff credentials and licenses with minimized manual effort. Automations include updates for license verifications, expiration dates, renewal and disciplinary actions–notifications being sent out when these are due. HR teams can save on precious time, freeing them to focus on important/productive tasks and ensure workflow quality while improving staff utilization.

Trusted by the Biggest US Employers

Certemys professional license verification process has been trusted by some of the largest US employers to provide quality assurance and oversee workforce compliance regulations. Real-time tracking of certifications ensures that data is quickly and securely stored–allowing organizations to focus on improving staff performance using insights derived from the data. Increased visibility and control of license management helps organizations develop strategies to plan workforce utilization and deployment effectively.


The challenge of managing an up-to-date workforce in HR operations is met with professional license verification. Offering heightened security, visibility, and control, increased efforts to maintain workforce compliance are made easier. Pre-built workflows are fully-integrated and customizable, allowing staffing teams to save precious time and maximize return on employee utilization. Certemy is a leader in license verification, trusted by the biggest US employers to help them stay compliant.


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