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The importance of streamlining occupational license and certification tracking and Verification for HR operations continues to increase with the growth of the regulatory landscape. In the human resources field, it is critical for companies to remain compliant with relevant primary source verification (PSV) checks that validate professional licenses and certifications. Certemy is a leading License Verification and Credentialing Tool that automates the PSV process with a streamlined system. This software helps to save time, reduce liability, and maximize staff utilization.

Certemy is designed to meet the Compliance needs of large US employers. Its comprehensive system offers real-time visibility and tracking of employee credentials and licenses. The platform is easily configured to automate employee license application processes with efficient workflows, and also assist in generating robust reports. With primary source verification, human resource teams can trust Certemy to protect important company assets while providing a secure, cost-effective solution.

At the core of Certemys license verification is its automated system for validating occupational licenses and certifications. Certemy ensures that the companies workforce is compliant with the relevant primary source verification standards. With this software, human resource teams have complete visibility and control of the compliance program. Additionally, it offers high levels of accuracy, with constantly monitored and updated sources from across the country.

The primary source verification system is also incredibly user-friendly for employers, designed with easy-to-use tools that allow for quick management of employee license and credential data. With an intuitive layout and search capabilities, Certemy makes it easy to find licenses and certifications across the entire organization.

Certemy is ready to deploy a professional license verification and tracking program in minutes, helping to save time and money on employee-related matters. Companies need to ensure their compliance with current occupational license and certification standards, and Certemy is the perfect tool to do so. By leveraging the power and ease of use of Certemy, HR operations can trust that their workforce is accurately and efficiently monitored for license and credentialing compliance.


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