License Verification Tool | Acute/Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist – Neonatal (Renewal Only)

Acute and critical care clinical nurse specialists (CNSs) provide an essential service in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. In addition to nursing care, CNSs are responsible for providing specialized care for acutely and critically ill patients, as well as managing the overall nurse environment of the healthcare facility. As a result, the certification of the CNS is of utmost importance, as reliable Verification of licensure could determine the lives of the patients in their care.

Verifying CNS licensure can be a daunting and time-consuming process that requires tedious manual verification, leaving organizations worried about licensing Compliance and data security. However, automated professional license verification can solve these problems and provide nurses, healthcare organizations, and state licensing boards with reliable and secure real-time information. Automated professional license verification is a convenient and secure way to ensure credentialing as healthcare organizations and nurses alike strive to provide quality and safe care.

Benefits of Automated Professional License Verification

Automated professional license verification helps hospitals, healthcare organizations, and state licensing boards verify the licensure of critical care CNSs quickly and reliably. The process is automated and updated on a regular basis, allowing health care employers and government agencies to access up-to-date licensing information. The process also eliminates the tedious manual verification process, saving employers both time and money.

In addition to time and money saved, automated professional license verification also eliminates the manual data entry associated with manual verification. Manual data entry is problematic as it is subject to human error, leading to inaccurate and out-of-date information. Automated verification allows the information to be current and accurate, removing the possibility of errors in the data and ensuring that health care employers and state licensing boards can rely on the information provided.

How Automated Professional License Verification Works

Automated professional license verification works by sending data from the state-based licensing institution to an automated system, such as Certemys License Verification. This system cross-references healthcare organizations’ databases with the state’s database and produces an automated verification of licensure. This process is secure and safe, with all data remaining within the confines of the system’s database. Certemys License Verification also offers an extra layer of security with its primary source verification system, which allows organizations to further verify that the license is in good standing and free from any sanctions or other disciplinary actions.

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Automated professional license verification is a convenient and secure way for health care employers and government agencies to verify licensure for critical care CNSs quickly and effectively. By eliminating the manual verification process, organizations can save time and money, as well as reduce the chances of data entry errors. Certemys License Verification system is a trusted and secure method for verifying licensure with automated primary source verification, making it the perfect tool for verification of CNSs in any health care organization.


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