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As a compliance lead, it can be a daunting task to manage the variety of licenses and certifications of your organizations staff. Keeping up with their expiration dates and any disciplinary actions taken requires constant vigilance. Therefore, it is essential to have a reliable and secure professional license verification tool that can manage and monitor all your employees. Complete visibility and control is crucial, such that you can remain ahead of the regulatory compliance landscape and stay on top of details regarding their qualifications.

Certemy is a digital platform that provides employers with an automated primary source license and certification verification system. With Certemy, you get an up-to-date status on all your workforce’s credentials as well as real-time tracking within a single system of record. Activation of their license verification feature will provide further security knowing that the professional licenses and certifications of your employees are valid and current, while alerting you about any obligatory renewals or disciplinary actions taken against them.

Certemy has designed a system that has allowed them to become trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States. Organizations can expect an improved team productivity and overall visibility with great ease, as well as the ability to customize automated license application processes. Certemy was created with the primary focus to save time, while mitigating any risks associated and improving staff utilization.

The software makes sure that a professional license and certification verification is completed with the highest degree of accuracy and in the quickest amount of time. Their built-in workflows offer complete flexibility and are customizable to the needs of the organization. As a Compliance Lead, you will receive reports on all employees included in the system, providing a unified front when it comes to the monitoring and maintenance of each person?s credentials.

Certemy is a great tool to have in order to reduce the amount of manual labor required to check if an employees credentials are still valid. Certification and license renewal processes are streamlined within the system, so you have an accurate and constantly updated record of everyone?s qualification status. The software is designed to sync with existing HR software systems, which makes it even easier to ensure that all occupational credentials meet the necessary requirements.

The employee verification tool ensures real-time compliance across your entire database of personnel, as every certificate or license is verified with primary sources. Certemy also tracks the progress of employees licenses and certifications, alerting you of any qualifications nearing their expiration date.

Overall, Certemy is a comprehensive license verification platform providing Compliance Leads and Human Resource personnel with an automated system that is secure and accurate; giving employers peace of mind and saving time and money.


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