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Maintaining employee compliance can be an intimidating task for human resource departments. Staying up to date with the fluctuating regulations that vary across industries and geographic locations requires a particularly hard effort in order to meet compliance standards. Professional license verification is an important part of the compliance process as it ensures that employees possess the necessary credentials and qualifications for their respective job roles. Many lead HR roles opt for automated professional license verification systems in order to streamline the verification process and increase staff utilization.

Certemy is leading the license verification industry with their innovative automated primary source verification system. Certemys system allows companies to verify the occupational licenses and certifications of all their employees, guaranteeing that their credentials are active, renewed, and absolved of any disciplinary action. Additionally, Certemy enables employers to gain complete transparency and control of their compliance programs. Through automation of their system, Certemy helps employers save time while simultaneously mitigating risks.

Certemy is one of the most trusted license verification tools within the United States. Staffs of several of the largescale Fortune 500 companies leverage Certemy as their system of record to track and manage licenses and certifications. With the added benefit of workflow automation, license application processes become much more agile and accelerated. Certemys real-time tracking of employee credentials provides improved team productivity and visibility across the organization.

Technical implementation is essential when deploying sophisticated compliance solutions such as professional license verification. Certemys verification system has been designed to incorporate into organizations with minimal effort and disruption. Their product architecture has been built with scale in mind, which allows for simultaneous deployments to numerous locations and geographies.

Professional license verification is an invaluable asset to any human resource department. Utilizing an automated system such as Certemy will prove to be a beneficial move to ensure proper employee compliance and maintain a safe and secure working environment.


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