License Verification Tool | Gasfitter Master?

In Todays crowded marketplace, labor law requirements for verifying professional licenses and credentials are rigorous and growing more complex. Employers who lack a clear system of checks and balances often default to manual bureaucracy, exposing themselves to the risk of compliance violations. For this reason, having a comprehensive, automated license and certification tracking tool is an essential component of any successful organizations operational safety and efficiency.

Certemy offers just such a system. Its license verification system is powered by a primary source verification process that confirms active licenses, appropriate renewal, and any sanctions or disciplinary actions taken against current or former employees. By leveraging their system, organizations are better able to stay on top of regulatory compliance obligations, while employees benefit from a major boost to their productivity and visibility across the organization.

Before Certemy, HR operations spent countless hours verifying every single employees license and certification, often having to call up state-level bodies and departments in order to obtain verification. With Certemy, HR can simply upload employee data into the system, and the verification process is automatically initiated. Certemy even offers pre-built workflows that are configurable to handle license applications.

Certemys primary source verification process is especially vital in high-liability professions, such as gasfitting. A gasfitter master must have their credential verified as current and in good standing to maximize safety for the customer and the contractor. Certemys program arms contractors with a rock-solid system to ensure their gasfitter masters? license is valid and up-to-date.

In addition, Certemy also offers real-time tracking of licenses and credentials across the enterprise, giving employers full visibility into the credentials of all their employees and helping them manage staffing utilization more effectively. This is a major step up from manual means of credential validation, which can be an antiquated, arduous and time-consuming process.

Compliance leads researching a professional license verification tool can rest assured knowing that Certemys capabilities have been trusted by major US employers for years. By bringing automated license tracking, primary source verification and a fully configurable license application process together in one cloud-based system of record, organizations can save countless hours, while improving employee productivity and visibility.



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