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Successfully navigating ministry regulations and ensuring quality healthcare delivery advances the goal of Master of Healthcare Administrators (MHA). Primary source verification (PSV) is one of the most important tools to help healthcare organizations maintain compliance with increasing complexities of the licensing process.

Licensing laws regulate the qualifications and specialized skills certifications of healthcare administrators, health professionals, pharmacists, and nurses, among others. Different states and countries impose their own unique regulations on the healthcare industry and practitioners, accordingly. It is very important that healthcare administrators are able to quickly access primary source data from official sources to confirm that all relevant certifications and licenses are up to date.

Using manual processes and spreadsheets to track staff licensing puts an organization at risk of regulatory action and financial penalties, especially in healthcare administration. The best solution is to leverage a comprehensive automated license verification solution to provide better control over the various aspects of license and certification management.

Benefits of Automated Primary Source License Verification in Healthcare Administration

Primary source verification is the highest level of verification of an individual?s professional license or certificate, as well as the information contained on it. Automated primary source license verification provides MHA administrators with greater control and accuracy of employee records while simultaneously guaranteeing compliance with recommended practices and current regulations.

The benefits of automated primary source license verification can be seen in the following areas:

1. Enhanced Data Quality

Automated primary source license verification ensures high-quality data entry with minimal errors. Moreover, the data are automatically populated into a variety of systems for a much more integrated view of each employee. Automation also reduces the chance of manual data entry errors, ensuring that only valid and up-to-date information is captured in real-time. This in turn allows for better decisions in the event of any questions or disputes surrounding an employees credentials.

2. Streamlined System Processes

Manual processes are time-consuming and require significant effort to ensure data accuracy. With automated primary source license verification, a single system architecture manages all aspects of the data, from creation to tracking and updating. This makes it much faster and easier to keep track of all staff certifications and licenses.

3. Increased Visibility and Control

Automated primary source license verification provides the MHA administrator with a full view of the employee records, including a full list of all the relevant certifications and license information. It helps uncover any discrepancies in employee credentials that might otherwise be overlooked. The system also enables proactive renewal and validation of existing license and certification statuses, ensuring compliance in the event of an audit or of an employees terminations or adjustments.

Leveraging Certemy for Automated Primary Source License Verification

Certemy is an automated license verification solution that provides primary source verification to many of the largest US employers. With Certemy, healthcare administrators have complete control and visibility of their workforce compliance program, leveraging a system of record that covers both manual and automated license tracking.

Certemy automates the entire compliance process, from the initial application to the renewal or expiration of a license. It also offers automated tracking and primary source verification for multiple states and countries, eliminating the need to manage multiple systems or databases. Its easy-to-use and intuitive interface is customizable to meet the specific needs of each organization, allowing it to create unique workflows for every aspect of the licensing process.

Key point

Primary source license verification is a powerful tool for MHA administrators to keep their organizations compliant and up to date with relevant government regulations. Automating the process is the best way to ensure data accuracy and reduce the effort required to successfully follow the licensing process. Certemy is a leader in automated license verification and primary source verification, providing robust and customizable tools to streamline the entire process.


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