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Being able to detect and fill compliance gaps can be the difference between success and failure in the human resources department. Dental hygienists must maintain licensing standards to ensure safety and quality of care for the patients they serve. Properly verifying and documenting their certifications and credentials helps to ensure that you are meeting the regulatory requirements for licensing dental hygienists.

This article focuses on how businesses, organizations, and educational establishments can maximize staff efficiency and best practices by utilizing a professional license verification tool.

Primary Source Verification for Dental Hygienists: What It Is and Why It Is Imperative

Primary source verification (PSV) is a process that occurs when one party verifies the credentials of another, such as verifying that a candidate has the necessary qualifications for a job. This is done by providing documentation and making contact with the issuing body directly. PSV offers an extra layer of security, helping to make sure that the qualifications are genuine and up to date.

In the context of dental hygiene, proper license verification is key to providing quality care to patients and ensuring the safety of the public. The proper verification of credentials also helps organizations meet the requirements of the American Dental Association?s Dental Hygiene Program and the Commission on Dental Accreditation, as well as any relevant federal and state laws and regulations.

The Benefits of Automating Dental Hygienist License Verification

The process of PSV can seem time-consuming ? especially when licenses and credentials need to be verified manually. This can lead to delays in the recruitment process, and potential compliance issues down the line. Automated license verification eliminates this hassle, making it easier for organizations to ensure they are meeting the standards for credentialing dental hygienists.

Automation also helps to protect against any potential conflicts of interest that could arise if the same personnel were handling both the credentialing process and the recruitment process. It also helps to limit data entry errors and ensures accuracy and compliance with the audit trails that would be impossible to achieve manually.

Using Certemy for Automating Dental Hygienist License Verification

Certemy is the perfect choice for automated primary source verification for dental hygiene. It provides businesses, organizations, and educational establishments with complete visibility and control over the workforce compliance program. It offers a real-time tracking system, automatic license application processes, and automated tracking of licenses and credentials in one system of record.

Certemys system also helps to save time and mitigate risk by streamlining the recruitment process and providing up to date information on the credentials of dental hygienists. Plus, it makes it easier to audit credentialing and track any changes.


Dental hygienists must maintain licensing standards to keep up with regulatory compliance and provide quality care to patients. Automating the primary source verification process with a tool like Certemy can help businesses and organizations save time and money while ensuring compliance and providing accurate data on the credentials of their employees.


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