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The scrutiny of compliance has only heightened in recent years, with penalties growing ever harsher for non-compliance with professional accreditation standards. For human resource departments, deteriorating compliance has posed a considerable challenge: not only must they constantly stay abreast of new regulations, but they must also verify that any and all licenses held by their employees are actively renewed and free from any disciplinary actions. Whereas manual license verification can easily become too large of a task and create a strain on resources, leveraging an automated license verification system is able to streamline this process and even provide real-time tracking of an organizations license records.

Certemy is an exemplary example of such a license verification system. A leader in the compliance industry, Certemy offers a comprehensive license verification program with primary source verification, enabling employers to remain ahead of the regulatory curve and have complete visibility and control of their compliance programs. Real-time tracking is facilitated, enabling a clear view of license records in a single system of record. Operational efficiencies can be further achieved by leveraging pre-built workflows, configurable to automate tedious application processes.

Organizational benefits don?t stop at the organizational level. Employees can also benefit from automated license verification processes. Streamlined processes allow employers to issue more timely license applications, ensuring quicker application processing, relieving the burden of having to monitor and track license applications regularly. This provides a smoother work experience, free from the hassle of having to chase up license applications and follow-up with regulatory bodies.

At the same time, automated license tracking can provide employers with Ph.D.-level insights into their compliance program. Customized analytics allow teams to harness insights into their compliance processes and monitor how quickly applications process and where the bottlenecks are, along with ensuring completeness of application records. Data on this level of granularity helps compliance leads identify process gaps and enhance organizational efficiency.

In addition to this, Certemy offers a range of automated regulatory solutions, including a Discipline Tracking solution and an Expiration Tracking system. Automated Discipline Tracking service enables employers to detect any active sanctions or disciplinary actions across the organizations professional license database. Meanwhile, the automated Expiration Tracking solution sends renewal notifications before license expiry to ensure that employers stay informed on when licenses will require renewal, preventing any potentially major compliance issues.

To summarize, leveraging an automated license verification system that provides real-time tracking, primary source verification, and customized analytics makes compliance management a breeze. Through the use of this tool, companies can ensure the integrity of their professional license portfolio and stay ahead of even the strictest regulatory measures.


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