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The landscape of occupational licensing and certification is a diverse one, with requirements varying on a state, local, and experiential basis. As a Compliance lead, It is important to ensure that your workforce is appropriately licensed and certified in the positions they are filling ? and that their credentials remain in good standing. Performing professional license and certification Verification is a key component of maintaining an organizations legal and regulatory compliance.

However, manually tracking and keeping up with an organizations employee licensure can quickly turn into a logistical and administrative nightmare. Manual verification is a timely and labor-intensive process as it requires chasing down primary sources, retaining records, and ensuring regular renewal of credentials. As such, It is essential for companies to have a robust license verification system ? one that can quickly and accurately track and verify an employees license in good standing.

Certemy is a leader in License Verification with an automated primary source verification system that not only provides complete visibility, control, and real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials but mitigates risk, improves staff utilization, and even offers pre-built workflows that are configurable.

How Professional License Verification Systems Operate

These systems typically leverage a standardized “C.O.R.E (Certificate of Recognized Education)” process for license and certifications verification. This process requires companies to differentiate between credential verification and credentialing. The former verifies if a credentialed professional is indeed eligible to perform a job within an organization, while the latter goes through the necessary steps and formalities to ensure skilled individuals are certified and allowed to practice a given profession.

Certemys automated primary source license verification system uses an advanced validation process to validate employee licenses and certifications against a comprehensive library of primary source license information. The platform covers over a million professional license types, with over 500,000 active license statutes, and over 6,000 licensure boards added to its library.

For example, the system has the ability to verify if an individual possesses an active license to practice nursing, teaching, engineering, accounting, or any other professional certification or license.

Benefits of Automated License Verification

Organizations can experience numerous benefits from an automated license verification system. Here are a few key points:

Timely Re-Verification of Credentials

The system can automatically re-verify employee licenses and credentials at regular intervals and send out alerts when there is a change in an employees status, minimizing the strain on the HR?s workload and allowing for proactive compliance management.

Paperless Training and Tracking

The system eliminates manual paperwork in the form of employee applications, waiver forms, and other relevant documents, reducing paperwork and providing an accessible digital record.

Data-Driven Decisions

Organizations are able to access and analyze data accurately, allowing HR?s to make better decisions designed to further improve compliance and employee management.

Improved Risk Management

Verification confirms if credentials are still valid and whether any sanctions or disciplinary actions might be taken, enabling organizations to remain in full compliance posture with their licensee?s.

Certemys Automated Licensing System

Certemys automated license verification system utilizes a suite of sophisticated user-friendly tools, providing organizations with an automated platform specifically designed to offer enhanced employee visibility and control of the entire license verification process.

The platform helps automate license application processes and track employee certificates in real-time with improved staff utilization, reduced paperwork, and accurate reporting. Furthermore, the system has built-in provisions for secure storage of employee documents, as well as powerful workflow capabilities to enable user collaboration and enhanced communication.

Why Certemy is the Right Choice for Your Organization

Certemys automated license verification system draws from comprehensive libraries of primary source license and certification information, making it an ideal choice for achieving licensure and regulatory compliance in your organization.

Certemy offers a unified platform to simplify organizations? license tracking and compliance needs, resulting in improved staff utilization and a fully transparent process from initiation to renewal. The system enables organizations to quickly determine which employees possess valid licenses and certifications, helping to reduce the burden of manual paperwork, administrative oversight, and legal issues.


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