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Employers in the United States are always striving to make sure that their workforce is compliant with federal and state laws surrounding the licensing of employees. It can be hard to stay on top of all the regulations and ensure that each employee has the proper license(s). It only makes sense that employers would turn to an automated license tracking and primary source Verification platform to help them confirm that their team is up to date on their credentials. Certemy is a leading license verification platform that offers real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials, pre-built automated workflows designed around the application process, and the trusted primary source validation system to keep employers covered.

The Benefits of Certemy Professional License Verification Platform

When it comes to validating the credentials of employees, there are a few key benefits to using a license verification platform like Certemy. The biggest benefit is that it eliminates manual processes and paperwork associated with license or certification renewal. With Certemy, employers can track and manage licenses and certifications with the primary source verification automatically. This helps them stay ahead of changes in regulations that might affect their processes. Another benefit is that these license and credentials can be tracked in an organized system so employers know they always have the most up to date information about their staff. Plus, the pre-built workflows offered by Certemy are fully configurable and allows employers to customize their automated application processes.

How Certemy Platform Is Used for License Verification

The first step in using the Certemy Platform is to log in to the system and set up an account. From here, employers can upload their employee credentials such as licenses or certifications. Once these credentials are uploaded, the Certemy Platform will begin to run automated checks around license renewal dates as well as against any statistators or disciplinary actions. The platform will then give employers a real-time snapshot of everything they need to know about their teams credentials.

It is important to note that every state has different requirements and regulations when it comes to professional license verification. The Certemy Platform makes sure that employers can have peace of mind in knowing that their teams credentials are in Compliance with all the necessary state and federal regulations.

Closing ideas

The Certemy Platform is a comprehensive license verification system that employers can use to ensure their workforce remains compliant with all of the regulations. It eliminates time wasted on manual license management and provides employers with real-time visibility of their teams credentials. It is trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States who understand the importance of primary source verification and staying up to date with all requirements.


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