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As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, health care organizations are looking for ways to ensure that their employees have the necessary qualifications and certifications to manage the demands of Todays healthcare system. With Certemys automated license and credential Verification, organizations can streamline their Compliance process and ensure that their workforce is up-to-date with all regulatory requirements, minimize exposure to risk, and improve staff utilization.

Certemys primary source verification system checks that each professional license is active and appropriately renewed with no disciplinary action or sanctions. This system provides complete visibility and control throughout the compliance process in order to maintain the highest standards of patient care. Automated tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one secure system of record allows for real time tracking of important data points.

With Certemys automated primary source verification services, organizations can effortlessly manage their license and credential process with a streamlined, integrated system. This system offers pre-built workflows that are customized to match the individual needs of the organization, allowing for an efficient process while saving time. Certemys automations reduce manual work by integrating with many primary sources and consolidating each data point into one view.

Certemysimplifies license applications and renewals for facility staff with information collected automatically from any official and primary source databases and providers. This allows organizations to easily stay abreast of all regulatory requirements while avoiding costly administrative mistakes. With Certemys alert-based dashboard system, organizations can foresee any potential risks or compliance issues before they become a problem, saving valuable time and energy.

Certemy also offers built-in analytics and insights that enable organizations to quickly analyze their workforce data and make data-driven decisions. This includes insights into high-risk data, such as verifying that credentials and license information are correct, active, and up to date. With these analytics, organizations can more easily monitor, track, and analyze the licensure process with greater visibility into the total performance of the workforce.

Being able to check that each employees license is active and in good standing is critical to ensuring patient safety and adhering to regulatory requirements. Organizations can rely on Certemys automated primary source verification system to provide complete transparency throughout the license and credentialing process. Automated tracking and management of credentials and licenses allows for a full compliance program with real-time tracking, improved team productivity, and full visibility for the entire organization.


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