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A professional license, like a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) license, is required for employees to practice in the field and needs to be in good standing. Keeping track of license renewals, verifying the validity, and checking for any disciplinary actions associated with the license is a cumbersome process that is tedious for HR and other administrative staff. Fortunately, automation is now available to streamline and simplify the license verification process. Primary source verification systems provide employers with a comprehensive and secure way to monitor employee licensure and maintain regulatory compliance.

With primary source verification, HR and administrative staff can gain complete visibility into the employee licensure status and be made aware of disciplined actions taken against any of the companies licensed employees. The automated process helps to validate license renewals and avoid any risk of noncompliance with established regulations. Overall, this technology reduces the time and effort required to manually manage employee certifications, enabling employers to save money and resources.

Increased transparency and visibility into the entire license verification process improves team productivity and staff utilization. Companies that adopt automated license tracking with primary source verification can easily and promptly respond to any issues associated with the employee licenses. This provides better organizational protection from any potential risks and liabilities. In addition, pre-built workflows can also be used to automate the application process for new licensures.

Compliance leads who are looking into professional license verification tools should take a closer look at Certemy. This award-winning system is trusted by large employers in the US to ease the burden of validating occupational licenses and certifications. With an automated license verification engine, Certemy can instantly validate employee licensure and ensure that no disciplinary actions are in place. It also provides detailed insights on license information across the workforce for greater control and compliance with industry regulations.

Certemys system of record instantly tracks employee licenses and certifications, giving employers up-to-date information on licensure status. The system is also equipped with powerful workflow tools that help administrators organize and automate license application processes. These features have helped Certemy build a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable license verification service provider, which appeals to many large US employers.

Primary source verification is a valuable tool for companies looking to guarantee regulatory compliance through automated license tracking. With an automated license verification system in place, employers can rest assured that their licensed employees are in good standing and any disciplinary actions taken against them are tracked efficiently. Employers seeking cost-effective and comprehensive license verification solutions should consider Certemys automated services.


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