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Compliance with professional licensure and certification regulations in the United States is of the utmost importance for Human Resources operations to function correctly and efficiently. Primary Source Verification (PSV) is the most accurate and precise means of confirming the validity of training, certifications, and work licenses of potential and current employees. Certemy is an industry-leading compliance solution for PSV that provides employers with total visibility into their workforce certification and license verification program through automated tracking of licenses and primary source validation.

What is Primary Source Verification?

Primary source verification is the process of authenticating, in a secure manner, the source of credentials like training, certifications, and licenses. This assessment is completed via a primary source such as a state regulatory organization, or the organization that issued and recorded the credentials. This provides higher levels of accuracy and security than relying on third party services like LinkedIn?.

For human resources (HR) teams, having the ability to access all verification documents and certifications in one complete system of record along with assuring their authenticity is invaluable. This is even more true with industries like healthcare that must strictly adhere to state and federal licensing regulations, making PSV a critical component.

What is Certemy?

Certemy is a cloud-based primary source verification system which streamlines the process of confirming occupational licenses and certifications across an employer?s workforce with total visibility. Their platform can be quickly and easily configured to meet government regulatory requirements from automated license applications to tracking and management of licenses and credentials.

Certemy offers their customers a real-time tracking system so that each employees credentials can be seen in one system of record. Pre-built workflows can be used as is or configured to customize applications for staff, with the ability to maintain compliance with license requirements and renewals. The Certemy platform provides a reassuring oversight, providing HR teams with full insight into every employees credentials, and the ability to ensure that their renewals are completed on time.

Benefits of Primary Source Verification

The primary benefit of Certemys primary source verification system is that it provides employers with total visibility and control when it comes to the employers workforce compliance program. It provides HR teams with peace of mind that all credentials and certifications have been validated, helping to uphold regulatory compliance.

The ability to track and manage employee licenses and certifications in one system makes it easier to keep up with renewal dates for required documents. It also allows employers to identify and predict any potential workforce issues or compliance issues quickly, and reduce the cost associated with increased recruiting and onboarding activities.

Using a primary source verification system like Certemy also reduces the frequency of penalties or disciplinary actions due to lapsed certifications. As such employers can can continue to protect their reputation and the quality of their services.

Closing considerations

Having a primary source verification system, such as Certemys comprehensive platform, is critical to maintaining compliance with professional licensing and certification regulations. This automated system provides employers with the assurance that employee credentials are current, authentic, and appropriate – giving HR teams increased visibility and control over employee certifications and licenses.


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