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Licensing and certification is an essential part of the modern workplace and a critical component of managing a workforce at optimal efficiency. In the US, complex regulatory bodies oversee licensing in areas that range from medical certifications to gas fitter contracting. It is therefore of paramount importance for organizations to not only ensure that their employees remain compliant with all necessary certifications and licenses, but also follow procedures for maintaining those are valid and up to date.

Certemy is a leading provider of license verification services that can help employers validate occupational licenses and ensure regulatory compliance with an automated primary source verification system. With the software’s cloud-based real-time tracking capabilities, Certemy helps employers stay ahead of any potential licensing violations, mitigate risk, and save time and money.

The Benefits of Using Certemy

Organizations that use Certemy can experience an array of operational efficiencies. The software automates bureaucratic processes for maintaining licenses and credentials, allowing Compliance Leads to keep better tabs on their workforce compliance programs. Primary source verification system provide employers with complete visibility and control over their certifications and licenses, especially when occupations require renewed certifications or multiple licenses over the course of an employees career.

With Certemys certifications and license management, employers can more easily monitor and manage compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Automated license tracking software keeps teams and organizations productive and utilize their resources with improved efficiency. Pre-built workflows and procedures are also completely configurable and customizable to streamline the license application process, saving time and reducing administrative headaches.

what isets Certemy Apart in the License Verification Space?

In an ever-changing regulatory landscape, Certemy provides businesses of various sizes the assurance that all their employees are certified and compliant with their respective roles. For onboarding new hires, employers can also leverage the system’s real-time tracking capabilities to perform background checks and verify eligibility.

what isets Certemy apart is their ability to verify with unprecedented accuracy, thanks to their connection with primary compliance agencies. The system is also web-based and cloud-based, making for quick deployment and greater scalability. With Certemy, employers also save money by not having to manually update data or enter information reasonably like other license tracking software.

Verifying Licenses and Credentials with Certemy

Verifying professional licenses and credentials have never been easier with Certemys automated primary source verification system. With the software, organizations can ensure regulatory compliance and track their licenses in real-time from a single system of record. Certemys software offers an intuitive user interface and a range of features that can be scaled to fit the operational needs of any organization.

So, if you are looking for a professional license verification tool that can help your organizationstay compliant with the necessary regulations, Certemy is the trusted choice for managing licenses and certifications.


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