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With the constant changes in regulations and an ever-growing list of regulatory requirements, it is becoming harder and harder to keep up with employee licenses and certifications. This has increased the need for organizations to find a reliable source to quickly and accurately verify whether a current employee has the necessary professional license credentials to fulfill their job duties. To this end, Certemy has created an easy to use system which instantly verifies professional licenses and certifications from primary sources, providing organizations with complete visibility and control of their workforce compliance.

Certemy is a powerful license verification system designed to save businesses time, and reduce the risk of sanctions and other employee licencing complications. The system works by automatically tracking and verifying professional licenses and certifications from authorized government sources in real-time, ensuring that employees are up-to-date with their requirements. Furthermore, the system contains pre-built workflows that are fully configurable, making the process of applying for validation fast, efficient and stress-free.

For businesses that are struggling to manage a large amount of license applications for their team, Certemy has revolutionized the process. The system decreases time to track and verify license information, reduces risk across the organization, and improves utilization and productivity within the human resource operations team. With the ability to access the information in one system of record, compliance leads in any organization can track, manage and verify employee licenses and certifications simultaneously.

Certemy also provides useful resources to navigate the license verification process that many businesses need. With the primary source verification system and helpful tutorials and guides, businesses don?t need to be experts in the process to be able to comply with the relevant regulations. The comprehensive approach to license verification makes Certemy a trusted choice to ensure that employee credentials are up-to-date and accredited.

At Certemy, the vision is to revolutionize the license verification process and make it easier than ever for companies to ensure that their employees have active and valid licenses to do their job. As compliance in the workplace becomes increasingly important, more and more businesses are turning to license verification systems to reduce the risk and make sure their workforce is compliant with their regulatory and legal requirements.


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