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Compliance management is an essential component to ensure employeesafety and mitigate liability for organizations. With regulations across different industries constantly changing, it can be difficult and time-consuming for organizations to accurately track their staff?s licenses and credentials. This is where primary source verification comes in ? it provides a way to keep on top of requirements and ensure your employees meet the appropriate standards.

Primary source verification is a professional license verification system that verifies the text and accuracy of license information. This information includes ensuring that applications are appropriately maintained, that the license is still active and not subject to any disciplinary restrictions. Not only can this system be used to ensure the validity of staff?s licenses but it can also be used to audit license records and benchmark across different states.

Certemy is a leader in primary source license verification and is trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States to save time, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization. Utilizing Certemys automated primary source verification system helps organizations to reduce the number of manual checks required, helping to verify employee licenses or certifications quickly and easily.

Certemy provides proactive visibility and control over compliance and license status. Their process is simple, organizations start by uploading the required documents to the system, then the organization is given access to the system for ongoing tracking and management of licenses and certifications.

Certemys automated system will continuously monitor license applications, ensuring that documents are up-to-date, valid, and free from any disciplinary action. In addition to this, a library of state specific rules is available to assist organizations in understanding the regulations that apply to individuals in different states. This ensures organizational compliance across different states.

The automated system also integrates with the organizations existing employee management system. This allows for real-time tracking of employee licenses, accessible from one central source. Furthermore, Certemy offers pre-configured workflows and automated processes to streamline the license application process. This can save the organization time and money, as it eliminates the need to manually review the documents or manually update the license records.

Organizations have access to granular, real-time insights into their employees? licenses and credentials. This can be used to make informed decisions about future HR operations and ensure compliance across all employee roles. Coupled with an automated system, this is an invaluable tool for compliance management.

Primary source verification, and the Certemy automated system in particular, is a powerful tool for organizations that need to take active steps to ensure compliance, all while saving time and money.


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