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As organizations become increasingly aware of the need to keep employees up-to-date on their professional licenses, the greater need is to find a tool to simplify the often complex task of license tracking. Introducing primary source verification, an automated system that verifies occupational licenses and certifications across an organizations entire employee base, ensuring they are compliant and up-to-date.

Organizations that employ individuals with regulated licenses need to keep those licenses current and in-line with their organizational requirements. Not only is it important for employee retention but it also ensures that organizations remain in compliant with any applicable rules and regulations. By utilizing a comprehensive primary source license verification system, organizations can easily and effortlessly keep their entire employee base compliant with the latest regulatory requirements for each license.

Primary source verification is a powerful solution for license compliance because it ensures that all licenses are verified and monitored systematically. This means that organizations can trust the accuracy of the data they collect. By automating the license verification process, organizations can save time ? drastically reducing the time spent manually verifying individual licenses ? and improve staff utilization. With this level of automation, organizations can be confident that their employees ? both their core competent employees and new hires ? are registered and up-to-date with the applicable professional licensing body.

Real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in a central system of record is also possible with primary source verification. This helps organizations quickly identify if any licenses have expired or are not renewed. As such, organizations can monitor their entire workforce?s professional licensing requirements in real time, giving them greater control and confidence in their compliance posture.

But primary source verification offers even more advantages. To further simplify the process, pre-built workflows can be deployed to streamline the application and renewal of employee licenses and certifications. This enables all changes to be made automatically in a secure and reliable manner.

No organizationshould risk compliance because of poor record-keeping of employee licenses and certifications. By relying on primary source verification to ensure current status and real-time tracking of these credentials, organizations can provide security and save considerable time and costs.


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