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Organizations who employ licensed professionals understand how difficult and time-consuming it can be to verify the status of their employees? licenses and certifications. Certemy is the leader in license verification, providing a simple yet powerful automated primary source verification system to accurately validate active employee licenses and certifications with ease. This article will cover key features of the automated license verification system and the value businesses can gain from the Certemy platform.

Automated Licensing & Credential Verification

Certemys automated license verification system allows your organization to easily validate and keep track of all employee licenses and certifications. With the push of the button you can perform a real time audit across all licenses and certifications confirming that they are active, up to date, and free of any sanctions or disciplinary actions. This unparalleled level of transparency and control will drastically improve the regulatory compliance of your workforce.

The automated attestations are based on original sources such as licensing boards and certifying bodies, which are regularly updated to keep your professional license audits accurate and up to date. With Certemy you will never miss a license renewal, keeping you and your business in full compliance and away from potential fines and reputation loss.

Simplified Professional Licensing Application Process

Certemy understands that every organization has different licensing requirements. We offer you out-of-the-box workflows that are fully configurable to tailor to your exact licensing needs. Our professional licensing application process is designed to automate the often long and arduous licensing procedure. This level of automation not only helps you save time but also streamline and simplify the entire renewal process and grant full visibility and control of employee licenses and certifications in one system of record.

You can even create custom tasks and assignments for licenses within Certemy to ensure certain actions are taken throughout the process. This way the entire team is informed of license progress and nothing is left in the dark.

Real-time Analytics for Efficient Resource Utilization

Certemy also offers you areal-time analytics to help your team understand and utilize what their resource opportunities, allowing you to accurately plan for the future. This level of data visibility is crucial in order to keep ahead of your competitors and lead you to success.

Not only that, our reliable and secure platform helps to keep your data highly secure and protected. Organizations such as AT&T and Monsanto trust Certemy to help manage their compliance and realize the true potential of their workforce.


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