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Professional licensing is a vital aspect of regulatory compliance for any workforce, particularly when it comes to health professions. It is essential that organizations of all sizes remain up to date on their staff’s verification of nursing and other healthcare licensure in order to keep their operations and teams running safely and securely. Certemy is a cloud-based technology solution that streamlines the process of professional license verification, and provides comprehensive insights and data to organizations looking to manage their HR compliance and teams with accuracy and effortlessness.

What is Professional License Verification?

Professional license verification is the process of validating the current licensing status of health professionals. These can include nurses, psychiatrists, mental health professionals, physical therapists, and more. In order to protect both patients and organizations, regulatory bodies require that these individuals are adequately qualified and current on their licensure.

Once an organization applies for a professional license for an employee, the licensing board then cross checks and verifies their qualifications and criteria. During the verification process, the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB), which is a federal entity, is queried. Upon receipt of qualified credentials, the board will issue a license that is valid for a specific period of time.

By regularly checking the credentials of healthcare staff and those in other professional disciplines, organizations ensure that their workforce meets all safety standards and regulations, and that their work is compliant with the law. This in turn reduces the risk of malpractice, bedside errors, and organization issues. It is also an important step in assuring quality of care to patients and other individuals receiving services.

Licensing for Family Nurse Practitioners

A Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) is a health care provider who specializes in providing patient care within a family context. To become an FNP, individuals must complete an accredited nursing program and gain experience in direct patient care. They must then successfully pass examinations and obtain a license to work.

Specialized FNPs provide comprehensive and well-rounded services, including diagnosis and therapeutic modalities. These include disease management and prevention, health promotion, and disease counseling. To ensure competency, FNPs must meet all educational requirements and obtain the necessary licensing from the state or federal board.

The Benefits of Certemy

Certemy is a cloud-based technology solution for automating and streamlining professional license verification processes. It offers the convenience of real-time tracking and data, custom workflows, and online license application processes. The solution also provides an efficient system for tracking and managing license information and credential data in one place. Certemyserves as a central point of contact for health professionals, ensuring that qualifications, credentials, and licenses are current and up-to-date.

The product offers organizations a comprehensive view of their HR compliance program. It provides automated license tracking, primary source verification, and the capability to store authorization documents in a secure location, which is accessible from anywhere, making it easy to view and manage. Additionally, the built-in workflows within the product can be customized to suit a wide range of compliance initiatives.

Certemy is a trusted tool used by large organizations to save time, manage risk, and increase staff utilization. It enables the compliance leads to stay ahead of the regulatory landscape and the ever-evolving HR compliance requirements.

Conclusion: Streamlining Professional Licensing Process with Certemy

Professional licenses are an integral part of managing organizations’ workforce compliance programs. Certemy provides a comprehensive solution which enables organizations to verify their staff and other health professionals for their licensure and other credentials in a timely, automated manner. With its cloud-based technology, real-time tracking, and customizable workflows, Certemystreamlines the process of professional license verification, thereby allowing organizations to remain compliant quickly and easily.



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