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Health care is among the most regulated industries and is expected to remain so. That means health care employers need to keep up with ever-changing rules and regulations, one of which is strict compliance regarding professional licenses and certifications. In addition, the federal government and states are increasingly requiring health care employers to ensure that their staff has the proper licensing and credentials.

Whether you are a large health care system or a small health care clinic, Certemy is here to help you meet these licensing and compliance standards for both your employees and those of the external organizations you collaborate with. Automated primary source verification (PV) can provide the peace of mind you need to relax knowing that your workforce is compliant with required licenses and certifications.

The Need for Professional License Verification

Health care is a vital industry, and patient safety is always a top priority. Professional license verification ensures that a health care employee has the aptitude and credentials necessary to provide the best care and treatment available. Failure to comply with the licensing and certification standards, both from within and outside the organization, can result in significant civil and criminal penalties. As a result, getting a system in place to stay on top of your organizations professional license requirements is essential.

A professional license verification system can provide you with data on each employee, including the proper license and certifications required for their job, and keep you informed whenever those credentials are up for renewal. It can also provide you with immediate visibility into whether an employee has any disciplinary proceedings or hold-ups with their license.

The Benefits of Professional License Verification

Professional license verification provides health care employers with several benefits:

Improve Team Productivity

With a way to track and manage licenses and certifications within a single system of record, you can ensure everyone on your team is up to date with the latest licenses and certifications. This makes it easier to deploy your personnel where they are needed most, saving you from having to check or issue paperwork every time they?re sent for a new job.

Reduce Risk and Mitigate Sanctions

When you have a system in place to confirm that all of your employees and those of external organizations are properly licensed and certified, you areduce the risk of having to face sanctions for non-compliance. That in turn can save you from hefty fines and losses in revenue and reputation.

Enhance Visibility

When you have a system that ensures all employees have the right credentials, you can easily monitor any changes or practices that may need to be revised. This will enable you to be proactive about any changes that may affect your organizations functioning so you can keep up with the latest regulations and standards.

Getting Started With Professional License Verification

Certemys automated primary source verification system is the leading tool for keeping up with professional licensing and certification requirements. With Certemy, you can access real-time tracking of all employees, easily manage licenses and credentials across your entire organization, leverage workflows that are custom-configured to your needs, and stay ahead of any changes in regulations.

Take the necessary steps to make sure your health care business is compliant and ensure the best quality health care for your patients. Take advantage of Certemys professional license verification tool now.


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