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Organizations and companies in the United States rely on specialized, professional licenses for many of their employees. Whether it is an Attorney, Medical Doctor, Registered Nurse, and even pilots; the certification process to obtain the necessary license involves a significant amount of paperwork, background checks, and other requirements. For organizations and companies, it is essential to maintain the most current and accurate licensure information of these employees to ensure regulatory Compliance and continue to delivering services to their customers.

Alas, one of the greatest challenges that organizations and companies face is staying organized, up-to-date and compliant with the licensing requirements of their employees. To meet this goal, many are now leveraging technology and automation to ease the complexities of the licensing process and gain the necessary visibility and control of their employees compliance.

One such technology is an automated primary source Verification system that can be used to validate occupational licenses and certifications across team members. In a nutshell, primary source verification is the process of confirming that a license or credential is valid, active, appropriately renewed, and free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions.

This is where Certemy comes into play as the industry leading license verification technology capable of performing primary source verification with utmost accuracy and convenience. Not only can Certemy quickly and precisely validate a professional license, but they offer a complete suite of tools and features to manage, oversee and monitor employee license compliance-all in one centralized platform.

Real Time Tracking of Employee Licenses and Credentials

By using Certemy, organizations and companies can access real-time tracking of all their employees licenses and credentials in one system of record. They also receive immediate notifications that allow them to know the minute a license expires or is in need of renewal-not to mention serve as a paper-free system to manage onboarding and maintain licenses and memberships. Ultimately, this allows for greater organization and visibility to ensure regulations and standards are maintained.

Additionally, with Certemy, organizations and companies gain critical insights into employee licensure allowing them to make meaningful decisions about managing their workforce?s compliance in an efficient manner. Certemys signature pre-built workflows are also fully configurable and provide automation to streamline the license application process-saving both time and frustration.

Overall, Certemy boasts great benefits for organizations and companies, including greater transparency, improved team productivity, and complete oversight into employee license compliance.

Closing ideas

Organizations and companies looking for a reliable and secure system for managing licenses, certifications and memberships for employees should strongly consider an automated primary source verification system like Certemy. With their sophisticated features, real-time tracking ability, and process automation, Certemy provides organizations and companies with an effective and efficient system for staying compliant with licensing requirements and maintaining peace of mind.


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