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For Compliance leads and human resource operations teams, keeping up with professional license Verifications can be a unique challenge. With the number of workers needing to be verified increasing in the United States, organizations need a reliable solution to track their employees’ credentials, while also ensuring the primary source verifications are accurate. Certemy provides organizations a streamlined process with their automated primary source verification system to manage and track licenses and certifications with real-time visibility.

Organizational Visibility

Certemys breadth of capabilities and its built-in workflow automation feature make it an ideal system for keeping organizations in compliance with regulations. When organizations use Certemy, they gain complete visibility across their workforce compliance platform through their system of record. This comprehensive view includes real-time tracking of credentials and license information, giving organizations full control of their compliance program.

Customizable Compliance Workflows

Organizations are able to customize settings for their specific employee community to ensure that regulatory requirements are met. Certemy comes pre-built with comprehensive workflows that are fully configurable. This enables organizations to quickly deploy their compliance operations, which helps save time and combine efforts to automate license application processes. In addition, primary source verifications are completed in the background, so organizations can trust that the data they are receiving is accurate and up-to-date.

Mitigating Risk

Certemys automated workflow helps to mitigate risk and ensure compliance with licensure regulations. Organizations using Certemy can quickly track license renewal periods and have automatic notifications for pending renewals or sanctions in order avoid any penalties. Their cloud-based platform makes it easy for organizations to keep track of their workforce without having to manually process and manage paperwork.

Streamline Employee Verification

By connecting directly to the primary sources of licensure information, Certemys verification system makes it easier for organizations to maintain accurate data about their employees verification status. With this cloud-based program, organizations have access to a single system of record to manage the compliance lifecycle, allowing for more time to be spent on their most important work.

With Certemy, organizations have all the tools they need to verify and validate professional licenses and certifications, with real-time visibility, accurate primary source verification, and automated workflow tracking, which helps improve staff utilization and maximize productivity.


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