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Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioners (PMHNPs) are essential players in the healthcare system. These clinicians are highly qualified and capable of prescribing medication and providing autonomous care across multiple settings. Hiring PMHNP’s require employers to verify all state and national licenses, certifications and other credentials. For organizations that routinely hire and credential professionals, verifying all these credentials often become a daunting and overwhelming task.

To stay ahead of the complexities of license and credential Verification, employers must institute a robust credentialing system with an automated primary source verification (PSV) system. Through PSV, employers can accurately and efficiently verify the validity of all credentials with minimal manual effort. This article will discuss the components of an automated PSV system and how it is used to verify PMHNP licenses.

What is Automated Primary Source Verification?

Primary source verification (PSV) is a process of validating occupational licenses, credentials and certifications against an authoritative source such as the issuing government or certification board. Automated PSV is a technology-driven process that helps employers streamline and automate the verification process.

An automated PSV system uses multiple data sources and APIs to fetch all licensure data and validate it against the primary source such as the state board, national registries or any other trusted source. Automated PSV platforms are built on a secure, cloud-based technology that allows employers to securely store and manage employee credentials. Organizations that use automated PSV have greater control over the verification process and can monitor changes in employee credentials in real-time.

Benefits of Automated Primary Source Verification

Organizations that engage in automated PSV can enjoy several benefits including:

Quicker onboarding process

Reduced risk of non-Compliance

Improved staff utilization

Real-time tracking of employee credentials

Enhanced process visibility across the organization

Built-in workflows to automate license application processes

Verifying PMHNP Licenses with Automated PSV

For employers looking to hire PMHNP’s with a valid license, automated PSV can greatly facilitate the verification process. Automated PSV systems allow employers to perform targeted searches to validate the licensure status of PMHNPs in a specific state or jurisdiction.

The process begins with employers entering the information of the PMHNP into the PSV system. This includes the practitioner’s name, location, license number, issue date and expiration date, among other information. The system then contacts the primary source ? in this case, the state board or registry ? and obtains the most up-to-date information regarding the license. The system then verifies the license and presents the results to the employer.

Automated Primary Source Verification: The Future of Professional License Verification

Verifying the licensure of PMHNP’s can be a complex and time-consuming process. Through automated PSV, employers can rest assured that they’are making the most informed hiring decisions. Automated PSV is quickly becoming the preferred method of license verification as it allows employers to reduce the risks of non-compliance, save time and resources, and improve staff utilization.


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