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The Correct regulatory requirements when employing a medical professionals require you to verify each and everyone’s license. Verifying one medical professional’s license can be a time consuming process and consumes your HR teams valuable time. Also, what is even worse is that once the verification is completed, you often find out months later that a single license was expired.

This is why a professional license verification tool such as Certemy is vital for your organization. The tool offers automated primary source verification when it comes to medical professional license validation. This takes out the guesswork when it comes to important details like whether the licensee is active, appropriately renewed, and have a free record of any disciplinary action.

The Benefits of Using Certemy

With Certemys automated system, you can improve your organizations staff utilization, reduce time, and mitigate risks due to legal compliance issues. Furthermore, it offers real time tracking of license and credentials, which helps provide complete visibility across the entire organization.

When it comes to tasks such as license application processes, this is where Certemy will really shine. It offers a series of pre-built workflows that are all fully configurable to the organization.

Some of the major benefits of using Certemys professional license verification tool include;

? Streamline the HR process: By taking the process of verifying medical professional?s license digital, your HR departments time is freed-up to focus on more important tasks.

? Automated primary source verification: When it comes to verifying a medical professional?s license, it can help save both the time and money. The automated primary source verification prevents costly mistakes when it comes to incorrect licenses.

? Improve compliance: Your organization is ready to make sure to meet all of the relevant regulatory requirements and maintain a stronger, more compliant infrastructure when it comes to employing medical professionals.

? Oversee the entire process: With Certemys automation system, it will let you oversee the entire process from start to finish, while ensuring that all the necessary license and certification requirements fulfilled in an effective and efficient manner.

? Better collaboration: Improve team collaboration and visibility across the entire organization by having the necessary information to hand.

For many compliance leads, Certemys professional license verification tool can offer numerous benefits. By streamlining processes, reducing the time it takes to verify a medical professionals? license, and having more control over the verification system, it is little wonder that Certemy is trusted by some of the largest US employers.


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