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The Certified Continence Care Nurse-Advanced Practice (CCCN-AP) license provides accredited specialists who have met various competencies in continence care the right to practice in the field. Licensing is important to protect the public, to utilize professionals within their field of expertise, and to ensure proper healthcare is being given. License Verification helps employers make sure their staff is in Compliance with the respective license requirement.

Verifying an employee has the necessary license and certifications is a crucial part of the compliance process. It is important to perform license verification to ensure that an individual meets the standards for practicing in their field. It is also important to monitor license information to ensure that licenses are up-to-date, and that the employee is free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions. License verification can be done manually, but modern technology offers employers the possibility to automate the process.

In this article, we will discuss the process of license verification for Certified Continence Care nurse-Advanced Practice and the role of technology in streamlining this process.

What is a CCCN-AP License?

The Certified Continence Care Nurses-Advanced Practice (CCCN-AP) license is a certification by the Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society (WOCNS) that provides qualified professionals with additional knowledge of continence care and nursing practice. It allows nurses to provide assessment, planning, and evaluation, and deliver clinical professional practice with a focus on continence care.

Verifying CCCN-AP License with Primary Source Verification

Primary source verification is the process of collecting and verifying professional license information from the original source, such as a state board of nursing. It is the most reliable form of license verification and is used to validate licenses and certifications and make sure the employee is in compliance with required credentials.

Organizations can verify CCCN-AP licenses by using Certemys automated license verification system. Certemys platform allows employers to verify state professional licenses or certifications in real-time with primary source verification. In addition to verifying licenses, Certemy allows employers to manage certified pharmacy techs, nurses, physical therapists, and more in one location.

Automated License Tracking and Verification

Certemys automated license tracking and verification system provides one system of record for organizations to track and manager license information of their employees. The system allows employers to monitor and ensure compliance with state professional requirements and maintain accurate and up-to-date license information. Certemys license tracking system also provides real-time tracking of employees? licenses and certifications.

Final notions

Verifying CCCN-AP licenses is a critical part of compliance in the healthcare industry. Organizations can streamline their compliance process with Certemys automated license verification system, which allows employers to monitor and manage state professional license or certifications. Certemys automated license tracking and verification system also provides employers with one system of record for tracking and managing employee license information.


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