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Certified Flight Registered Nurses (CFRN) are highly-trained nurses who have specialized knowledge in providing medical care and treatment to patients in all types of aviation environments, including aircraft, helicopters, and other forms of air transport. CFRN certification requires extensive education, training, and a passing grade on the highly-specialized Flight Nurse Exam written by the National Certification Corporation. Becoming a CFRN is a career that requires specialized knowledge, a strong commitment to continuing education, and a high level of dedication to the profession of nursing.

For any medical facility or organization that employs CFRNs, it is important to ensure that the CFRNs they employ meet the standards required for their certification. This includes making sure that the nurse’s license is current and is in good standing, free of any disciplinary actions or sanctions. This is where a professional license verification tool like Certemy comes into play.

Certemy has been a leader in professional license verification since its inception. With its automated primary-source verification system, Certemy enables medical organizations and facilities to quickly and easily validate an employees credentials. This system not only confirms that the employees license is current and in good standing, but it also tracks other important metrics related to a CFRN’s license such as CE credits, license expiration dates, and any other information related to their certification.

Certemys automated license verification system helps medical organizations stay ahead of regulatory compliance by tracking and monitoring employee licenses and credentials in one single system. With its pre-programmed workflows and customizable functions, Certemy makes it easy for medical facilities and organizations to stay in the know about when an employees license will require renewal. This saves valuable time and often associated overhead costs associated with ensuring that an employees credentials are up-to-date. Additionally, Certemys system provides medical facilities with a completely visible and easily managed workforce compliance program.

For CFRNs, Certemys professional license verification tool makes it easy to stay on top of their own certifications. With real-time tracking of their licenses and credentials, CFRNs can ensure that they will never miss an important date or milestone related to their license renewal or other requirements for maintaining their certification. With the ability to track any changes to their license now available in one centralized system, CFRNs now have access to real-time updates without having to be concerned with missing paperwork or paperwork that might be sent to the wrong address.

Certemys professional license verification has been trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States to not only save time but to also mitigate risk and improve staff utilization. In addition to being efficient, it is also secure, highly accurate, and easily configurable, allowing it to quickly and seamlessly integrate with a medical facility or organizations existing setup.

Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN) license verification may seem like an intimidating process, but that?s where Certemys professional license verification comes in. By utilizing Certemys automated system for license verification, medical facilities and organizations can ensure that their CFRN staff members and other healthcare professionals are not only compliant but that their licenses are properly updated and renewal notifications are accurately conveyed.



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