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Professional licensing is an important requirement in Todays highly regulated environment. Organizations must ensure that their employees have the correct licenses and certifications necessary to do their jobs. To remain compliant with local and national regulations, organizations must be able to verify that their employees have the appropriate licensing and certifications.

Primary source Verification is a critical component of an organizations licensing Compliance program. It is the only sure way to know if an employees license is valid, active, and up-to-date. Unfortunately, in many organizations, verifying the status of employee licenses is a manual process that is cumbersome and time consuming.

Certemy is an online platform dedicated to primary source license verification that helps alleviate the burden of manually verifying employee licenses. Certemys automated system enables employers to create a central repository of employee licenses, ensuring that licenses are current, valid, and compliant. The system automates the process of credentialing and verifies information in near real-time. This helps companies ensure that they are always in compliance with regulations, while freeing up staff time for more valuable initiatives.

Certemy has built-in workflows that streamline the credentialing process. Companies can set up workflows to fit their specific needs and customize their system to keep up with changes in laws or regulations. This helps to ensure that employees have the correct licenses and certification.

The platform also allows organizations to track changes or renewals of employee licenses and certifications. It also allows employers to review current license expiration dates and initiate renewal of expiring licenses. This ensures that all information in the system is up-to-date.

Certemys comprehensive view of current employee license information helps companies stay ahead of compliance issues and respond quickly to any potential problems. With its automated primary source verification, Certemy can help organizations maintain compliance in an ever-changing regulatory environment.

Using Certemys automated license tracking system provides organizations with the visibility they need to ensure their employees have the appropriate credentials. The system tracks and manages employee licensing information, and prioritizes license renewals to improve staff utilization. It also helps to maximize employee productivity by eliminating manual data entry processes.

Certemys platform is trusted by many large U.S. employers and has been used to save time, reduce risk, and improve staff utilization. The system is fast, secure, and helps make organizations more efficient and compliant.

Primary source verification is essential for companies to ensure that their employees are properly credentialed to do their jobs. Certemys automated license tracking and primary source verification help to ensure compliance, while saving time and gaining visibility into the credentialing process.


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