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The increasingly complex, evolving landscape of professional license compliance and regulation requires organizations to stay vigilant with up-to-date, accurate credential information for current and potential employees. Companies rely on tracking and verifying professional licenses and certifications as part of their compliance programs to ensure they are meeting both governmental and industry standards for regulating employees working in their industries. By utilizing an automated primary source license verification system, employers can alleviate the manual, labor-intensive process of tracking and verifying employee credentials and ensure their workforce meets the requirements of regulations and licensing boards.

Accurately Tracking and Verifying Professional Licenses and Certifications

Organizations must properly vet and track job candidates and employees to ensure that their credentials are current, valid, and up-to-date in order to comply with applicable professional licenses and certifications, and to protect the company from costly fines and violations. By utilizing an automated primary source license verification system such as Certemy, employers can monitor the expiration and validity of credentials and licenses in real-time while also automatically validating the information. This system ensures the company is protected against one of the oldest compliance challenges of the staffing and human resource departments: employee credential verification.

Organizations that track and verify the credentials of current employees and potential hires with an automated primary source license verification system have greater peace of mind and stay ahead of potential compliance issues. Automated tracking and verification saves time, provides comprehensive visibility of staff credentials across the entire organization, and generally ensures staff utilization within the organization is up to date and compliant.

Why Automated Primary Source License Verification?

An automated primary source license verification system is designed to immediately check, verify, and validate multiple licenses and credentials in one platform. Utilizing this method ensures that board certification and license requirements for occupations in specified sectors of an industry meet the necessary licensing and certification requirements. The system is able to match and confirm critical information, such as license numbers, date of birth, and social security numbers, along with any other pertinent documents needed to confirm valid working credentials. This process eliminates the need for manual, cumbersome, and time-consuming paperwork that can occur with physical representative verifications.

Benefits of Automated Primary Source License Verification

Organizations that employ staff members in regulated employment fields request and analyze professional credentials and license verification during the hiring process. Validation of the credentials must be completed in accordance with state and/or federal standards set in place for their particular industry. Typically, employers would have to manually verify the credentials of potential employees with the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) or other licensing organizations and board certifications. However, with an automated verification service, organizations can quickly and accurately confirm and verify the licensing and certifications of their current and potential employees, saving both time and money.

Automated systems also help to ensure that employers remain compliant with state and national boards of nursing, national and state healthcare regulations, and other industry-specific licensing requirements. By utilizing automated primary source license verification, employers can have peace of mind and better manage their staffing and current employees. This process streamlines operations, increases staff utilization, and is generally more cost-effective than physical representative verifications.

Stay Ahead of Potential Compliance Issues

By utilizing an automated primary source license verification system, employers can stay ahead of any potential compliance issues or violations. To do this, organizations can establish a framework of alert systems to monitor and manage license expiration as well as dismissed or suspended licenses. These systems can be configured in the automated system to recognize multiple license types and expiration dates and trigger alerts when appropriate, making it easier for organizations to stay on top of potential compliance issues. These alert systems help to provide real-time visibility and control over an organizations? credential and license information.

Concluding remarks

Professional license compliance and regulation are highly complex and continually changing, and organizations must stay up-to-date with accurate credential information for current and potential employees in order to remain compliant. By utilizing an automated primary source license verification system, organizations can track and verify the credentials of current and potential employees quickly and accurately. Employers gain access to various resources and tools which help them manage their workforce compliance programs and save time and money on manual processes. An automated system also provides organizations with real-time visibility and control over their credential and license information, enabling employers to stay ahead of any potential compliance issues.


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