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Establishing and maintaining a satisfactory compliance program is essential for businesses to protect their employees, reputation, and regulatory standing. Professional licensing and certification present unique challenges with the nearly unmanageable task of tracking license expiration dates, understanding state, regional, national requirements, and verifying external proficiency as well as staying on top of compliance with human resources (HR) personnel. It is imperative that employers use a trusted License Verification that allows them to easily store, manage and verify licenses and certifications.

Certemy is an automated License Verification platform that creates, tracks, and maintains compliance records and licenses. Employers can obtain real-time visibility and control of their entire compliance program with a single unified system. Automatically tracking and monitoring license and certification data can save time, limit compliance risk, and enhance employee utilization throughout the organization. Pre-built workflow templates can be used to customize and automate application processes. With Certemys License Verification service, employers can realize compliance with budgeting, coding, project management, accreditation, and other requirements.

When searching for a professional License Verification service, employers should look for a platform that simplifies the process of compliance and licensing. Because the onboarding/enrollment process often requires verification of current license numbers and expiration dates, a fully automated system should be the priority for employers. This eliminates time intensive manual process that can be prone to errors. It also saves employers from constantly running background checks on employees and having to worry if their current license is up-to-date. Real-time verification also enhances employee/contractor utilization and keeps employees/contractors motivated.

Certemys industry leading License Verification system has a variety of features and benefits for employers. Employers can use the platform to store, track, and verify employee and contractor licenses, keep records up-to-date, and increase department efficiency. The platform auto-verifies all updates, leaving employers less vulnerable to potential violations. Certemy also provides detail analytics and insights into the performance of license-holders, saving time and effort on management and reporting.

The wide-ranging features of the automated License Verification service can help employers remain compliant, limit governmental disdain and keep employees engaged and motivated. Investing in a modern, automated License Verification system can help employers save time and money in the long run.


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