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In Todays highly regulated workplace, employers are put under immense pressure from ‘backdoor’ hiring practices in industries such as healthcare, insurance, finance, real estate, and public safety. Government agencies, industry bodies, and other major stakeholders have dedicated significant resources to ensuring the efficacy of a specialized workforce by inculcating legislative frameworks and guidelines to protect employees and customers. For over 50 years, professional licenses and certifications have become a cornerstone of businesses that handle personal data, sensitive products, or require expertise to proliferate services.

As a result of the overhead it takes to keep track of professional licenses and certifications, hiring managers and human resource personnel often overlook this critical element of the employment process, potentially leading to employers facing fines, criminal charges, and other legal ramifications. To stay compliant with jurisdictional rules surrounding workforce certification processes, employers must have a reliable system of primary source verification to ensure that their employees and contractors meet the requisite requirements.

Enter Certemy ? a cloud-based platform that automates verification of professional licenses and certifications providing employers with the appropriate controls to actively monitor the license status of their employees and monitor the industry-specific regulations to always remain compliant.

An all-in-one solution, the Certemy platform mitigates onboarding risk with automated primary source verification as it easily interfaces with dozens of state, federal, and industry-specific agencies. Whether it is for healthcare, real estate, finance, or public safety, Certemy maintains the most up-to-date records of employee and contractor license status.

Certemys verification engine scans all or several employee license requirements in parallel, delivering data back to the hiring managers in an audit-proof format. As a trusted way for employers to manage professional license status, Certemy not only functions as an easy-to-use platform to manage entire portfolios, but also captures both ongoing and initial compliance requirements, ensuring all employees meet statutory obligations in a timely fashion.

Employers can set the Certemy platform to run ongoing license check scans in accordance with regulatory review cycles, streamlining the process of tracking license and certification validity. Even better, the platform can alert organizations to license expirations and requests for renewal to allow employers to provide for proper training, background screening, and other oversight processes to ensure an effective and compliant workforce.

Not only is Certemy foundational for safeguarding an enterprise from liability, but it is also useful for improving productivity and workflows by providing for streamlined onboarding processes, real-time license status monitoring, mitigation of risk, and overall better utilization of staff.

The platform also creates an audit trail that captures every step in the license verification process, as well as customer records that track the movements, updated information, and interactions between stakeholders, overtime. This comprehensive record helps companies confirm compliance and provides evidence of activities in case of an investigation.

As compliance continues to grow as a critical role for employers nationwide, Certemys automated and thorough primary source verification process is essential for streamlining workforce certification compliance for a range of industries. Using the platform, employers can ensure that all their employees and contractors are qualified and licensed before, during, and after an engagement, helping to protect an organizations reputation, reduce liability, and enforce licensing requirements.


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