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In our increasingly regulated world, healthcare organizations must remain compliant with laws pertaining to professional licensing and credentialing to protect the quality of care they provide. Staying ahead of these state-level regulations is no easy task. Requirements change often and can be difficult to track as staff members move in and out of the organization. To streamline the process of managing healthcare credentials, organizations are turning to primary source Verification.

Primary source verification (PSV) is a process that organizations use to confirm that the credentials and licenses held by their staff members are valid. PSV is a cost-effective way to ensure that healthcare organizations and their staff maintain the appropriate licensing and certification standards. It also helps organizations meet their legal obligations and demonstrate their commitment to quality care.

The traditional approach to PSV is labor-intensive and involves contacting state and professional organizations, manually verifying documents, and tracking licensure in multiple spreadsheets. This approach leaves organizations open to Compliance risks, requires extensive coordination between departments, and is expensive in terms of manpower and time.

Today, organizations are turning to technology-enabled primary source verification. Automated PSV services reduce the complexity and manual effort involved in tracking credentials and license renewals. These solutions are designed to give organizations real-time visibility into their employees? credentials and provide alerts for certifications and licensure that are about to expire. Automated PSV solutions also help organizations save time and money by automating license application processes and streamlining all compliance-related activities into one system.

Automated PSV software solutions, such as Certemy, are changing the way organizations manage their healthcare credentials. Thanks to advances in technology, organizations can now verify the credentials of their staff members quickly, accurately, and affordably. These solutions give organizations instant access to the most up-to-date credential and license information, allowing them to be more confident that their staff members are in full compliance with state and federal regulations.

Certemy is a leader in license verification with a fully automated primary source system that validates occupational licenses, nursing certifications, and other credentials across the entire organization. With Certemy, organizations can easily and automatically confirm that their staff members have an up-to-date license, are adequately trained and knowledgeable in their field, and have no disqualifying sanctions or disciplinary actions against them.

Certemys automated primary source verification system helps organizations track the credentials of their staff members in real-time, allowing them to stay ahead of pending license renewals. With its configurable workflows, organizations can tailor the software to fit their own particular needs and automate the entire license application process from start to finish.

With Certemys automated primary source verification system, organizations can save time, eliminate manual effort, and reduce their overall risk of non-compliance with state and federal regulations. This innovative solution provides organizations with the most up-to-date information about their staff, enabling them to confidently and accurately verify the credentials of their employees.


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