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In the modern digital age, human resource operations are increasingly being tasked with managing a disparate set of employeestaff licenses and certifications. In order to be compliant with regulatory bodies, It is vital to have a software solution that can automate processes, and provide visibility and control of the workforce Compliance program. License Verification with Primary Source Verification is a key tool for meeting the needs of the human resources team.

What is Primary Source Verification?

Primary Source Verification (PSV) is a process by which a software application can verify that a person?s professional license or certification is up to date, renewed properly, and is free from disciplinary action. Organizations such as employers, job-training programs, and regulatory bodies use PSV to ensure that their personnel holds the appropriate licenses and certifications and have not had a detrimental change in their regulatory status.

How Does Primary Source Verification Work for Human Resource Operations?

Primary source verification is best suited for human resource operations when it is integrated into a software system that automates the process from start to finish. The automation should include a workflow designed to submit the applications, track the license or certification status in real time, and alert the user if the regulation status changes. This seamless process requires minimal time and resources on the part of the human resources team and provides them with more control over employee compliance.

Benefits of License Verification with Primary Source Verification for Human Resource Operations

There are several key benefits to using a license verification service with primary source verification for human resource operations.

1. Improved Productivity: With a real-time license tracking system in place, the team is able to keep track of employee licenses and certifications without manual checking. This enables the team to focus their time on other tasks, improve staff utilization, and better manage the talent within the organization.

2. Increased Visibility and Control: The license tracking system provides a comprehensive view of the current status of employee licenses and certifications. This increases the transparency and clarity of the process, providing the human resources team with the necessary control and oversight needed to keep employee compliance up to date.

3. Automated Workflows: Automated workflows are designed to submit and track applications for license renewal. This eliminates the manual and time-consuming task of manually tracking and submitting applications.

By leveraging license verification with primary source verification, human resource operations benefit from increased productivity, visibility, and control over employee compliance. Automated workflows enables the team to reduce the amount of time and resources needed to manage the process, helping to ensure compliance with the relevant regulatory bodies.


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