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Keeping up with regulatory requirements can be daunting for any organization. As a compliance lead, it is your responsibility to ensure that employees are properly credentialed and maintain valid occupational licenses. To be sure that your workforce remains compliant with laws and regulations, primary source verification must be performed repeatedly in order to avoid penalties, reputational harm, or other disciplinary actions. Certemy, a leading provider of professional license verification technology, enables organizations to confirm and track employee credentials in real-time, boosting safety, compliance, efficiency, and productivity.

Primary source verification is a critical component of any licensure program. This type of verification ensures that the credentials of an employee are accurate and up-to-date, and that any disciplinary action has been properly recorded. Certemy makes this process simpler by automatically verifying licenses and certifications across an employee database. This automated system eliminates the need for manual tracking and verifications, reducing the risk of incurring penalties due to oversight or mismanagement.

Certemys license verification technology not only simplifies the process for compliance, but also enhances efficiency and productivity in the organization in three major ways.

First, by automating the process of tracking and verifying licenses, teams save time and resources, which can be allocated to other business objectives. This, in turn, leads to improved staff utilization as well as increased operational efficiency. Secondly, leveraging pre-built workflows that are fully configurable allows the organization to automate license application processes, reducing human-error and leading to better, more accurate data about each employees license or certification status. Finally, this technology provides complete visibility and control of workforce compliance programs. This helps ensure that all employees, including temporary staff, contractors, and remote workers can be efficiently tracked and monitored, saving time and money in the long run.

Given the importance of regulatory compliance and the various penalties that accompany a lapse in licensing, Certemys license verification technology provides employers a streamlined, reliable way to remain compliant, efficient, and productive. By automating the process of primary source verification for all employees, organizations can have peace of mind that their licensed staff are in good standing and a secure environment can be maintained.


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