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In Todays ever-evolving world, employers must maintain compliance in order to minimize risk and ensure their employees are appropriately qualified for their positions. Regulatory compliance requires organizations to verify and validate occupational licenses and certifications to ensure their employees are properly trained and certified. Primary source license verification is a fundamental component of any compliance program and provides an effective way to mitigate compliance risk and protect the organizations reputation.

Primary source verification involves directly verifying a professional license or certification with its issuing organization. Directly verifying licenses and certifications from its issuing organization provides the most accurate, up-to-date information on an employees qualifications for a position. It also helps organizations to ensure their workforces meet the regulatory requirements of local, state and federal governing bodies.

Certemys license verification platform is a comprehensive, highly automated system that ensures the accuracy and compliance of employee data. Our system integrates with existing applicant tracking systems or onboarding portals to streamline the license verification process while adhering to industry protocols and state regulations.

The platform provides employers with complete visibility and control over their compliance programs. Automated license tracking and primary source verification allow organizations to quickly and accurately identify and mitigate any compliance risks in the recruitment process. Automated workflow capabilities allow managers to further customize the system to meet their unique needs. Additionally, our platform ensures employee data is kept up-to date so organizations can trust they are hiring qualified professionals.

Real-time tracking and notification capabilities keep organizations informed of current and upcoming license expiration statuses. Employers can ensure all licenses and certifications remain active and appropriately renewed, and prevent any costly errors. Further, certifications from Certemy are accepted in every US state, providing employers the assurance of a nationwide employee database and knowing whether their employees are eligible to work in any state or region.

Certemys license verification solutions provide an efficient, cost-effective way for organizations to ensure that they remain compliant and avoid potential fines and costly legal battles. We provide a comprehensive service which allows employers to save valuable time while mitigating risk to provide accurate and up-to-date compliance information. With Certemy, you can be confident that your workforce is in line with all applicable rules and regulations.


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