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Are you in charge of keeping your organizations professional development certifications and licenses up to date? you are certainly not alone. With a plethora of organizations now requiring such things, It is the job of the compliance lead to make sure everything is properly verified and kept up to date. But that does present its own challenges, particularly when those certifications and licenses span individuals across the entire organization.

Fortunately, there are comprehensive solutions that can streamline the process of verifying and maintaining accurate records of certifications. primary source verification systems take the time and effort out of manually checking and double-checking certifications and licenses and will provide extensive visibility and control of the overall compliance program.

What is Professional Development Certification?

Professional Development Certification is a precursor to a professional license necessary for certain occupations. It covers the basics of a certain trade and provides the foundation of knowledge needed to pursuit a professional license.

For example, suppose an individual was a plumber, first-time plumbers would need the Professional Development Certification before they can pursue a professional license. It is a requirement by most states that professionals in a certain trade must fulfill this prerequisite before they can become formally registered as licensed professionals.

The Benefits of Automating Professional License Verification

For organizations, taking the necessary steps to verify a person?s professional license in any state is time consuming, labor intensive, and often unreliable. But automating the process through license tracking and primary source verification offers many important benefits.

For starters, real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in a single system of record helps to ensure the accuracy of the data. In addition, automated license verification provides compliance officers with visibility and oversight of any risk in addition to ensuring that the licenses are appropriate, renewed, and free of sanctions or disciplinary actions.

Automation also helps to improve team productivity and visibility by streamlining processes, helping ensure all certifications are up to date, and improving staff utilization. Automated license application processes can look for issues that precede the certification and quickly alert the compliance officer to take corrective action.

Certemy: A Comprehensive License Verification Solution

Licensing verification solutions can provide organizations with the necessary tools they need to ensure all certifications and license are up to date. One such service is Certemy. They offer automated primary source verification that makes it easy to validate the licenses across the entire organization.

Certemy is a leader in license verification with an automated system that ensures employees are active and compliant with any and all applicable regulations. This system allows for complete visibility and control of the compliance program as all matters remain current and up to date.

The companies pre-built workflows are highly configurable and are designed to streamline the process of license applications and alert any issues that may require corrective action. This makes it easy to stay ahead of any potential compliance issues.

Concluding perspectives

The rise in organizations requiring professional certifications and licenses presents a difficult challenge to compliance officers. Fortunately, primary source verification systems such as Certemy offer a comprehensive solution that makes it easy to maintain accurate and up to date records with real-time tracking. Such solutions make it possible to stay ahead of any potential issues and to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations.


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