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The importance of verifying professional licenses and certifications is a critical responsibility for any Human Resource operations department. Violations of professional licensing regulations can lead to severe repercussions, including fines and penalties. In order to manage compliance risks and ensure proper credentials, business need access to reliable and accurate tools for verification of professional licenses.

Certemy is an automated primary source verification system that allows organizations to confirm if their employees? licenses and certifications are active, appropriately renewed, and free of sanctions and other disciplinary actions. By enabling businesses to track and manage licenses and certifications in real-time Certemy has become the favored solutions of a number of large enterprises in the US.

Savings Time & Resources

Certemy helps organizations save time and resources as it offers automated license tracking and primary source verification. This automated license verification system uses pre-built workflows for license application processes, allowing team-wide visibility across the entire organization. With every change in policies and procedures, this automated license verification system can help organizations stay ahead of regulatory compliance and reach all goals with less time and effort.

Detailed Insights & Automated Renewal

Certemy also offers detailed insights on employee licenses and credentials allowing businesses to get a complete summary of their compliance program. Not only that, but it also offers automated renewal reminders ensuring that businesses never have to worry about a lapse in a license or certification.

Securely Store Documents

Certemy is designed with privacy in mind and provides an incredibly secure platform to store professional licenses and certifications. Documents are stored securely and can be easily shared in multiple formats. With Certemy, businesses are fully in control of their employee license and certification process providing full visibility and security.

Winding Up

Certemy is a powerful tool to help organizations meet their licensing and certifications regulations and ensure compliance. It has great features that enable businesses to save time and resources while helping reach regulatory compliance objectives. With secure document storage, automated renewal reminders, and detailed insights, Certemy is an all-in-one automation system for license tracking and verification.


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