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Professional licenses and certifications ensure that the professionals in your organization have appropriate credentials to do the job. For businesses in certain professions, such as healthcare, verifying those credentials is legally mandated when a new hire is onboarded or when an employee moves into a new role. Certemy provides an automated primary source Verification system that quickly and efficiently validates occupational licenses and certifications across managers and employees, confirming that the credentials are active, appropriately renewed, and free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions.

Verifying licenses and certifications quickly and accurately is essential for staying compliant with applicable regulations ? not just in healthcare ? but for all organizations. Effective practices for verifying credentials, such as Certemys, also provide employers with complete visibility and control of their workforce Compliance program. Automated license tracking and primary source verification results in improved staff utilization, better team productivity, and a clearer view of who?s qualified and who?s not.

Benefits of Using Certemy for Verifying Licenses and Certifications

Organizations of all sizes can benefit from using Certemys license verification system to vet and validate professional credentials:

Hassle-free and Accurate: Certemys primary source technology makes license verification fast, reliable, and trustworthy. A manual process of verifying different licenses and certifications can be time consuming and error-prone, while Certemy does it automatically in real-time.

Centralized Storage and Tracking: All of an organizations license and credential details can be stored in a centralized system of record that?s accessible by authorized personnel. This also allows employers to instantly access the latest information, saving time and keeping everyone in the loop.

Flexible and Configurable Workflows: Certemys workflows are pre-built and can be easily configured to suit an employer?s specific licensing or certification process. This allows businesses to customize the workflow for their own needs and save time by automating license application processes.

Compliance with Regulations: Compliance with laws, regulations, and policies is important for any organization ? but especially for businesses in regulated industries like healthcare. By using a professional license verification tool, employers immediately identify any lapsed or revoked licences, certifications, or other credentials, making sure they remain compliant with applicable rules and regulations.

What Types of Licensing and Certification Does Certemy Verify?

Certemy is a comprehensive professional license verification and credential tracking platform designed to help organizations stay compliant and manage their workforce effectively. Whether employers need to validate occupational licensing or certification in nursing, medicine, engineering, finance, legal, public safety, or other professions, Certemy provides the automated tools required for successful verification and tracking of credentials.

Using Certemy, employers can quickly and easily verify and track all types of professional licensing and certification including:

Cardiac Vascular Nursing Certification

Medical and Nursing Licensure

Therapy and Counseling Certification

Engineering Professional Licenses

Legal Bar Certifications

Public Safety Agent Licenses

Teaching Certifications

Business and Financial Professional Licenses

Social Work Licenses

Insurance Professional Licensing

Security Licenses and Certifications


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