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Professional licensing can be a laborious, time-consuming exercise when managed manually. Millions of professionals are obligated to continually update their licenses and certifications as part of their job requirements ? a process which can easily become overwhelming when ongoing maintenance must be addressed. Organizations face potential liabilities if employees are working without the necessary license or credentials, resulting in an urgent need to streamline the Verification process. Certemy provides an automated system for primary source license verification, alleviating the burden of labor-intensive verification processes.

What is Primary Source Verification?

Primary source verification (PSV) is the most reliable way to confirm that someone’s professional credentials are accurate. It requires direct contact with the issuing stands to obtain official records, ensuring that licenses and certifications have not expired or expired without being renewed, and that the certified professional is not under any sanctions or disciplinary actions. It is a sturdy, comprehensive foundation for any organizations workforce Compliance program.

Pre-Built Workflows to Ease Processes

Certemy provides automated license tracking and primary source verification, along with pre-built workflows that can be customized and configured to streamline processes. It enables an organization to keep accurate records of their employees’ licenses and certifications in a unified system. The platform is user-friendly, secure and designed to monitor compliance for all professional licenses, certifications, registrations and other valuable credentials.

Real-Time Tracking to Maximize Visibility

Certemy offers real-time tracking and monitoring of employee license and credential information. It provides complete visibility and control of the organizations compliance program, as well as improved team productivity and organization-wide insight. Certemy also allows for manual review when more information is needed, and quick approvals for employee credentials, further streamlining the license and certification process.

Rapid And Secure Verifications

Certemy has quickly become a trusted license verification tool for organizations of all sizes, allowing them to save time, reduce potential risks, and get the most out of their workforce. Certemy is secure and compliant with applicable privacy laws, including GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act. Their automated systems can quickly verify that the employee is in good standing with their assigned licensing and certification authority. This verification process is fast, accurate, and secure: no more time consuming compliance research or worry about employee violations.

Manage Your Workforce Compliance Program with Certemy

Certemysimplifies the process of verifying multiple employee credentials, allowing organizations to focus on their compliance program without the hassle of manual verification processes. Organizations that transition to Certemy have seen remarkable results, improving visibility across their entire organization and reducing time spent on license compliance work. Organizations can trust Certemy to deliver rapid and accurate employee credential verifications, improving team productivity and ensuring the safety of their workforce.


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