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The highly regulated industries often require licensure and certification for various professionals. Organizations must confirm that each employee retains the necessary qualifications to do their job. Keeping track of these licenses and ensuring they remain valid is a challenging task, compounded by employee mobility and other factors. To confirm each profession?s qualifications, organizations need to turn to primary source certification.

Primary source certification is a powerful form of verifying professional licenses and certificates in both the public and private sectors. It involves a third-party (often a centralized authority) collecting information and confirming the validity of each license or certification by comparing it to an original source document such as a government registration, licensing board, or other credentialing organization. This way businesses can achieve confidence in employees? credentials and can avoid any potential liabilities by ensuring the safety and security of all personnel.

Organizations must recognize the importance of primary source certification as It iserves as the foundation for any licensing and credentialing compliance program. With any type of professional license verification, a sole source of truth is required ? a single repository used to validate the credentials of any individual in an organizational setting. This is the primary source of verification ? the original document used by a licensor or certifying body to register, renew, or validate any form of professional status.

Verifying the authenticity of that document is made possible with an automated primary source verification system ? a web-based tool that confirms the validity of a professional license or certification. With data from relevant third-parties, such as professional associations or government offices, organizations can validate licenses and ensure they remain active, appropriately renewed, and free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions.

By leveraging pre-built workflows that are fully configurable, organizations can apply automated license tracking and primary source verification to maintain real-time visibility into each employees credentials in a single system of record. With the help of this, businesses can save time, reduce risks, improve staff utilization, and keep up with regulatory compliance.

Furthermore, organizations can work with a suite of automated primary source verification solutions for comprehensive insights into all personnel?s qualifications. By securely monitoring and managing the renewal of each employees license or certification in one system, HR Operations can power comprehensive license and credentialing compliance initiatives.

Primary source certification is the first step for organizations looking to meet their compliance obligations. Organizations must invest in an automated tool aiming to provide meaningful data and insights into the credentials of personnel in each industry. Such powerful tools provide businesses with comprehensive visibility that incentivizes compliance and holds personnel accountable for maintaining the validity of all their licenses and credentials.


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